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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 614

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Chapter 614

It seemed to them that the group of people in front of them did not come with good intentions. However,
the loan sharks couldn’t remember what they had done that offended these people.

Maisie took a seat on the couch and asked, “How much money does Yorick owe you guys?”

The group of people was stunned. They knew who Yorick was, but they did not expect that he was the
reason that Maisie and her gang were here.

All of them wondered when Yorick had someone from high society as his supporter.

Wearing an ingratiating smile on his face, a man said,” About $70,000.”

Maisie put the silver briefcase on the table, and Quincy proceeded to open up the briefcase. The
briefcase was filled with notes, and it seemed to them that there was about $150,000 in it.

Maisie said expressionlessly, “I’ll pay for his debt.

There is $150,000 here. Give me Yorick’s debt contract.”

A man went to the desk to look for Yorick’s debt contract. When he found it, he handed it to Maisie with
both hands.

Maisie took the contract and glanced through it. After that, she tore the contract off in front of them and

threw the paper shreds on the floor.

She patted her hand and said with a smile playing on the corner of her lips, “Now that I’ve settled
Yorick’s debt, he…”

“Don’t worry,” the man hurriedly replied with a smile on his face, “Since Yorick doesn’t owe us anymore,
we promise we wouldn’t bother him or his family again.”

Smiling, Maisie lowered her gaze and stood up slowly. “Also, please help me to inform his mother that
his debt has been settled.”

“Sure, sure, sure, we will.”

Not only did they get their money back, but it was also double the amount that Yorick owed them. Thus,
it went without saying that they were more than willing to make the trip for her.

They were indeed very efficient. Although Yorick had changed his phone number to escape the debt,
they knew Madam Vanderbilt’s phone number.

They called Madam Vanderbilt and told her that someone had settled the debt for Yorick. They also told
her that her son had found someone to support him. Their tone was deferential. They did not sound
harsh and threatening, like when they had tried to collect the debt from her.

Madam Vanderbilt was dumbstruck upon hearing that.

She couldn’t believe that her son had found someone to help him settle his debt.

“That bastard! He’s found someone to support him, yet he didn’t tell me anything about it?” After she
hung up the call, Madam Vanderbilt ‘s face was livid with rage.

Hector walked up to her and asked, “Grandma, did my dad pay off all his debt?”

“Yeah. He has found someone to help him pay all his debt, yet he didn’t tell us anything about it. I bet
he must be enjoying his life now with all the money he has. He doesn’t care if you’re dead or alive.”

She did not have much money left after using the money from selling their hot spring hotel to fund
Hector’s lawsuit. It was enough for them to put food on the table, but they wanted more.

Not only that, but her grandson still needed to buy a house, a car, and get married. Initially, she thought
she could move into the Vanderbilt mansion since Stephen and Maisie were dead, but little did she
expect that someone else had bought the mansion.

She then wanted to force Kennedy to hand Soul Jewelry to her grandson, but much to her chagrin, he
paid her no mind.

Just when Hector was about to say something, he received a text message, and his eyes shone”
Grandma, I know where my dad is! Let’ s go and find him now!”

Quincy had sent the message, so he went back into the car and reported, “Ms. Vanderbilt, I’ve sent the
text message to Hector. I guess they will go find Yorick soon.”

Sitting with her arms crossed in front of her chest, Maisie looked outside through the window and said,
“Yorick should have received the money by now.”

She was curious what Yonck would do when he found out that he had $150,000 in his bank account
and when Madam Vanderbilt found him.

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