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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 616

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Chapter 616

Yorick had not lived the life of a human after hiding for so many years. He had once been a brilliant
man but was now living a destitute


He missed those days when he was a successful and prestigious man, and he would regret it on
countless nights

But it was useless to feel regretful about anything now

He thought that all those that had happened to him were the results of his mother’s insatiable greed

“Dad, why are you scolding Grandma? This is obviously not Grandma’s fault. None of these would
have happened if Uncle Stephen had handed Vaenna to me instead of Maisie in the first place.”

Hearing that Hector was still fighting for Madam Vanderbilt, Yorick glared at him and snorted.

‘If I had known back then that this b*stard would grow into someone so useless and pathetic, I would’ve
strangled him to death when he was born

Madam Vanderbilt soothed her grandson’s emotions and said to Yorick, “Son, what’s happened,
happened. You and Hecky are the only relatives that I have left now. How can you find it in you not to
care about your mother and your son?” “If money is what you want, I don’t have any.” Yorick

debunked Madam Vanderbilt’s intentions bluntly

“Hector is 25 years old this year. Shouldn’t he be finding himself a job already? Just what does this
beloved grandson that you’ve paid so much attention to bring up know to do at this age? When you’re

too old to help him out, he’ll only be capable of becoming someone that knows nothing at all. So what
then? Should he come back to me and count on me? Not to mention that I’ll get old someday too. How
many more years can he rely on me?”

Madam Vanderbilt was displeased. “How can Hecky go to work? He’s destined to be a boss!”

“Since you’re the one who has spoiled him, you can keep him to yourself.” Yorick extinguished the
cigarette butt in the ashtray and got up. “You can leave now. Don’t ever bother me again.”

“W-What are you talking about? How can you not care about your own son?”

Yorick roared at her, “I’m not capable enough to care for him, so get out of here now!”

Madam Vanderbilt and Hector were obviously taken aback. Yorick’s eyes were bloodshot due to his
wrath, so they did not dare to say anything more

She got up. “Hecky, let’s go.”

After they left, Yorick slammed the door shut, leaned against the door, and gradually slid down onto the

My son has been spoiled by his grandmother and has turned into a self-centered, aimless, and useless
full-grown brat who knows only to loaf around and do nothing all day long. What’s more, all he can think
of is to become a boss of a company. So what else can ! expect of him?

“If that’s the case, I’d rather not have a son. I don’t plan to pay for the consequences that his doting
grandmother has left behind


When Madam Vanderbilt and Hector left, the bodyguard who was hiding in the shadows came out with
a Bluetooth headset and removed the miniature camera that he had placed on the window.

Quincy broadcast the whole recording through a loudspeaker, and Maisie was also there to listen to
their argument’s content.

Uncle Yorick only started to regret his actions when he was in despair, and all he does is put all the
blame onto his mother.

As for Madam Vanderbilt, she has spoiled Hector so much that she’s managed to turn him into a
brainless and self-centered b*stard. However, she’s getting older as days go by, and she has not much
time left to live. And her next plan for her good-for-nothing grandson is actually to leave him with his
father so that he can continue to live off his father just like a parasite. It’s only natural for Yorick to
refuse to accept this arrangement.

“However, Yorick should hold half of the responsibility when it comes to the reasons why Hector has
grown into such an adult. He didn’t correct Madam Vanderbilt’s doting attitude toward her grandson and
allowed her to pamper and spoil him. He has also failed to educate his son properly. In general, he’s a
failure as a father,

If Yorick didn’t think about joining forces with the others to force Dad into transferring his company to
Hector, I might sympathize with him at this very moment.

Quincy asked her, “What’s next?”

Maisie’s tone sounded indifferent. “Get someone to keep an eye on Yorick secretly and see what he’ll
do with the $150,000.

At Blackgold Group, in the administration department

Maizie sashayed up to the front desk She had very innocent and light makeup on and deliberately
placed her new Louis Vuitton

handbag on the counter. “Is Hole here?”

The department’s receptionist looked up at her and knew that she was the daughter of the Hannigans.”
I’m terribly sorry, but Mr. Goldmann has issued an order, saying that he won’t be seeing anyone today.”

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