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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 615

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Chapter 615

In a rental house along the coastal town

The house was a mess The table was littered with fast food boxes from the day before yesterday

The weather was no longer as hot as it was in summer, and the climate in coastal areas was humid it
was cold at night, so there was not a single fly hovening around

The phone on the table next to the bed lit up, and Yonck picked it up to have a

The ashtray was filled with cigarette butts to the brim look at it

He had a bad hangover, and he came to his senses abruptly after seeing something on his phone He
sat up and stared at the extra $15

0,000 in his account

Yonck’s hand that was holding his phone was shaking He rubbed his eyes and took another look at it.
The extra $150,000 was still there in his account

He logged into his bank account and found that the money had been transferred about an hour ago

Yorck snapped out of his trance when he heard someone knocking on the door. He put on his trousers
and went to open the door

Madam Vanderbilt pushed the door open and forced her way into the house “Hah, so you’re hiding
here!” “Mom? How did you get here?” Yonck’s face sank when he saw Madam Vanderbilt. Then he saw
his son walking into his house with a suitcase.

After scanning around the house, Hector asked disdainfully, “Dad, didn’t you have money already?
Why are you staying at a place like this?

“What do you mean?” Yorick was confused.

Before he could say anything, Madam Vanderbilt pointed at him and scolded, “You heartless b*stard!
You still want to lie to me? Those loan sharks have called me and told me that someone has paid off
the debt for you, and now you’re still saying that you have no money?”

Yorick was stunned.

He thought he was dreaming

‘Someone has helped me to settle my debt!?”

Then, he thought of the extra $150,000 in his bank account. Who gave him the money? And who paid
off his debt?

However, he did not tell Madam Vanderbilt about the extra money in his bank account. After all, he
knew his mother very well, and he knew exactly what she would do once she found out that he had the

He walked to the table and began cleaning the rubbish. As he threw them into the rubbish can, he said,
“I don’t have money, and I don’t know who helped me pay off the debt” “Stop lying!”

“I’m not lying!” Yorick threw the rubbish can on the floor. He shot to his feet and looked at his mother.
“Is money all you think about? What about me? When those loan sharks were hunting me, did you ever
help me?”

“That’s your own fault. After all, you were the one who got addicted to gambling.” Madam Vanderbilt
replied matter-of-factly

Yorick let out a laugh and said, “I was the one who worked tirelessly to keep the hot spring hotel
running. You were the one who wanted to sell it. After you sold the hotel, you only spent $23,000 to
fund Hector’s lawsuit. I would be grateful if you gave me $60,000 to pay off my debts

“All you’ve ever cared about is yourself and your grandson. You’ve never cared about Stephen or me.
After Stephen died, not only did you not moun for him, but you even went as far as trying to claim his
assets for yourself. It’s truly sad to have a mother like you.”

His words angered Madam Vanderbilt “I have never cared about you? When the hotel was investigated
for money laundenng, it was me who went around and asked for help. If not, do you think you could get
out of jail so soon? Also, is it wrong for me to care about Hecky ? He’s your son!”

“Yes, I was arrested back then, but it wasn’t because of you that they released me. It was because of
Maisie and Mr. Goldmann!”

Madam Vanderbilt was stumped.

Yorick took a cigarette from the packet on the table and went to bed. He lit it up, calmed down, and
said, ‘If we didnt try to get Vaenna from Stephen, the police wouldn’t have investigated our hotel, and
we wouldn’t have had to shut it down. It’s all your fault”

He took a long drag from the cigarette. The more he thought about it, the more he regretted it. If he
hadn’t tried to get Vaenna from Stephen, he wouldn’t have been influenced by Leila, and Yanis wouldn’t
have died. The hot spring hotel wouldn’t have shut down, and he would not have taken the path of
gambling for money.

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