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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 619

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Chapter 619

The funniest detail was that these words actually came out of Maizie’s own mouth She had told one of
her best friends about the change in her plan, and that best friend of hers was in the WhatsApp group
chat that Ryleigh was in too. And that was how Maizie’s chat history was shared among the group chat
participants and why Ryleigh was struggling to catch her breath at this moment

Maisie shook her head helplessly “That group chat of yours is really messed up.”

“That’s because Maizie has a bad reputation in that particular circle. Those people seem to have a
good relationship with her, but they actually complain about her quite frequently in private. After saying
that, Ryleigh propped her head on her hands and blinked. “I’m just an invisible witness, and I almost
don ‘t speak in the group. I only lurk among them from time to time in order to get my hands on some
gossip that even news reporters can’t find out

Maisie’s curiosity was piqued, so she picked up her cell phone and raised her eyebrows slightly “Why
don’t you invite me into the group too?”

Ryleigh’s smile gradually disappeared as it turned into shock

Ryleigh invited Maisie into the group

The group was named “The Single Ladies of Bassburgh” and about 100 women were there

Maisie changed her username to Alice

Since Ryleigh had invited her into the group, the other ladies did not have any doubts. Some of them
only thought that her username “Alice” sounded rather familiar

[Barbara C Who is Alice?]

(Ryleigh (Barbara Cher name is Alice Henry, and she’s a jewelry designer from Soul Jewelry.]

Jenny Weiner: (Ryleigh You’re actually in this group?

(Ryleigh. Z)Jenny Weiner Cut the billcrap! I’ve invited my darling into our group, so you girls better not
bully her.]

[Alice Click this link to get your fair share.)

The group chat exploded as soon as the link went through.

Ryleigh clicked on the link immediately, but she was already one step behind the other ladies. She then
raised his head. “Zee, are you so rich that you have nowhere else to spend your money? If that’s so,
give some to me!”

Maisie handed out a series of $500 online payment transfers without even hesitating. She then raised
her cell phone with a smile. “As the newcomer of this group. I’ve sent out a couple of $500 online
payment transfers up for grab. Take them as a greeting from me.”

Ryleigh pouted. You’re just plotting in advance so that you can get your hands on some information
from the group in the future.”

Maisie smirked. “Aren’t you my secret accomplice in this scheme?”

Ryleigh stopped talking.

In the evening, at the Goldmann mansion..

Maisie was lying on the bed and scrolling through her phone, going through the group’s chat history.

Her choice to join the group had been so good so far.

This group is as great as Ryleigh has promoted it to be. These ladies really have all the gossip circling
in Bassburgh in their possession.

‘For example, who has just gotten divorced today, or who cheated on their husband or wife yesterday,
or who’s separated from her boyfriend and has

gotten together with another man. In short, I can get all the details of such trivial matters through these
ladies as if I have surveillance cameras set up all over Bassburgh

Maisie asked casually about what happened to Nolan three years ago in the group, and all the ladies
really knew everything as if they were a complete

collection of encyclopedias

Some of them said that Nolan went to the accident scene, knelt, and almost lost his mind when he saw
the crashed car. Some of them mocked that he had lost his wife and was now amnesiac, so Bassburgh
should honor him with a trophy for the most unfortunate man of the decade.

Maisie could not help but chuckle.

A broad body came out of nowhere, pressed against hers from behind, propped his elbow to the side,
rested his chin to the top of her head, and asked in a hoarse voice. “What are you laughing at?”

Maisie turned off the phone’s screen immediately, turned over underneath his body and wrapped her
arms around his neck. “I’m laughing at you.”

Nolan narrowed his eyes.

Maisie kissed his chin, caressed his jawline with her fingertips, and raised her brows. “Nolan, I have a
secret for you.”

He lowered his head and moved closer to her. “What’s that?”

She smirked. 17 tell you when you remember everything.

Nolan kissed her nose and lips. “Can’t you tell me now?”

Maisie turned over and changed positions with him,

She then took the initiative to kiss him as she whispered, “No, Noles, because you still owe…

Nolan stopped moving, and his dimmed and profound gaze sparked. It was obviously the first time he
had heard her call him by the name “Noles”, but it felt like it had been the case since tens of thousands
of years ago.

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