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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 620

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Chapter 620

Maisie held his hand and clasped his fingers tightly. They were deeply in love, she looked as
captivating as a full moon, and her gaze looked extremely enchanting as she approached his ear and
asked, “Are we still going to take our wedding photos?”

Nolan hugged her tightly with his glowing arms, kissing the corner of her lips as sweat droplets rolled
down from his temples and dripped onto the corner of her eyes as if she had gotten in touch with a fiery

“Didn’t you tell me back then that you didn’t like it?”

Maisie murmured, “Who told you that I didn’t like it?”

He looked down at her as the veins on his arms bulged, while Maisie started to go short of breath, and
her sentence became discontinuous, “Since when did I tell… Tell you that I didn’t like it?”

Nolan wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up, kissed her auricle, and chuckled softly,
“Okay, we’ll start shooting at dawn.”

The next day, at the Wedding Palace

Maisie was sitting in the dressing room doing her makeup while the hairstylist was doing her hair and
asking her for preference from time to time

Two hours later, she was standing in front of the fullbody mirror wearing a black and white wedding
dress. Her long dark hair was braided into a half-up. half-down braid, and a black flower crown adorned
her head. It was a perfect match with the black diamond necklace hanging in front of her chest.

The pure white dress was covered in a layer of black gauze. It was oozing out a sacred and yet
mysterious aura and a regal and yet glamorous feeling.

The employee of the premises opened the curtain behind her as she turned around, only to first catch
Nolan’s full attention.

Nolan, who had always looked better in dark clothing, was currently wearing a custom-tailored white
tuxedo, which perfectly complemented his elegance

-it even softened his cold and profound facial features

Nolan stared at Maisie. He was unable to conceal the pleasant surprise in his eyes and reached out to

Maisie picked up the hem of her dress, walked toward him, held his hand, threw herself into his arms,
and whispered in his ear, “It seems that my husband looks great in white too.”

Nolan wrapped his arm around her waist. “While my wife looks as beautiful as usual.”

When taking pictures, Maisie and Nolan posed around each other very skillfully as if they had been
doing this for years. Their gazes were filled with affection that could not be hidden and were clearly
revealed through the lens of the camera.

When they were taking the last set of photos, Nolan hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear,”
Let’s go abroad for another shooting in the future.

Maisie was slightly astounded as he fiddled with a clump of her hair that was hanging down from her
ear. “We’ll do it after holding our wedding ceremony

Maisie turned to look at him in surprise, and Nolan took the opportunity to kiss her on her lips.

The last photo captured them in the best pose.

While Nolan was fetching her back to the company, she leaned on his shoulder to take a nap. She was
probably a little tired from the shooting schedule and because she had not rested well last night.

Nolan placed his arms around her shoulders and did not disturb her. Thinking of how the idea of
holding a wedding ceremony moved her during the photo session, he could not help but wonder if that
was what he owed her throughout all these years.

Nolan could not remember anything and did not have any memory of the past. He did not know why
they had not held a wedding ceremony, why they had not made their marriage public, and why…

At this time, Quincy took a glance at the information on the phone screen and said, “Mr. Goldmann, the
psychologist that you’ve requested will arrive in the afternoon.”

Maisie had not fallen asleep, so she heard that.

“A psychologist?”

Nolan clenched his fist, placed it in front of his lips, and cleared his throat. “I’m planning to stimulate my
memory through hypnosis…”

A hint of surprise flashed across Maisie’s eyes.

She then sneered after a long pause. “Is it because I always tell you to wait until you begin to
remember once again?”

“Not just because of that.” Nolan took her into his arms and rested his chin against her head. “I just
want to know what happened in the past.”

Maisie did not say anything else-she felt at ease as his warmth and heartbeat surrounded her.

The car stopped outside the entrance of Soul Jewelry. Maisie got out of the car, watched as the car left,
and received a text message on her phone.

She then asked Quincy to contact the bodyguard who was keeping an eye on Yorick, and the
bodyguard reported everything that Yorick had done in the past two days back to her.

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