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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 625

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Chapter 625

Nolan turned around and hugged her face to face. He fell asleep soon after that

The next day, at Soul Jewelry…

Maisie received the information that the bodyguard provided and found that the Cindy that Hector had
mentioned was Cindy Benette, a server in a club at Bassburgh

She handed the information to Saydie. “Look into this woman at the club.”

Saydie nodded and left the office with documents in hand Not long after that, Kennedy walked in.
“Maisie, Madam Vanderbilt called the front desk”

Maisie paused and raised her eyebrows. “Is this about money?”

Kennedy nodded, “She is admitted to the hospital but can’t pay the bills. She’s using her identity as
your grandmother to get the front desk to pay for her” Maisie was quiet

Madam Vanderbilt had chosen to put her pride aside now that she was old,

She smiled. “If she calls again, let the front desk tell her that Soul isn’t responsible for paying for any of
her bills, and we’re not obligated to take care of this lonely old woman. Let her go ask her other

If she were to pay, Madam Vanderbilt would look to her again in the future. Maisie wasn’t obligated to
clean up after her, even if she was her grandmother

She should know that not everything in the world would work in her favor just because of her age!

At the hospital…

When Madam Vanderbilt heard the reply from the front desk, she was stunned.

Even if she threatened them, they weren’t falling for it. The bills have been delayed for a day, and the
nurse had already asked twice,

Madam Vanderbilt was anxious, so she called Hector, but no one picked up. She called her other
relatives, but they either found an excuse not to lend her the money, or they wouldn’t even pick up.

She sat on the bed, out of ideas.

She was alone in the cold room.

Madam Vanderbilt remembered how she had sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren around her
when she was sick, but now, she had nobody. The helplessness in her heart kept growing.

She thought of someone and picked up her phone to make a phone call.

Madam Vanderbilt was very happy when the call connected. “Lynn, it’s grandma. I-” “Stop calling me.
Don’t you think you’ve made my life miserable enough? If you didn’t force me to marry Jimmy, I
wouldn’t have suffered domestic violence. You’re the reason my life is filled with suffering now!”

Before Madam Vanderbilt could say anything, she hung up.

Madam Vanderbilt sat on the bed, the phone dropping from her hand…

The bodyguard who was standing outside called Maisie to report. As Maisie could have guessed, when
Madam Vanderbilt was in trouble and needed help, all the relatives chose to avoid her.

Hector had spent the money that she worked hard to get back, while Yorrick wouldn’t give her money
even when he had some.

Madam Vanderbilt finally understood how it felt to be all alone.

Maisie told the bodyguard, “There’s something else to be done next.”

Saydie went to the club and found out more about Cindy. Even though she was a server, not only was
she not single, but she also had a few boyfriends at the same time,

Saydie said, “Cindy isn’t well paid but can always afford luxury items. She has a bad reputation at the
club. Her colleagues said she uses her sad history to cheat money out of men.”

Maisie crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows.” Hector was so naive. He was cheated but thought
that love had finally found him. I guess it’s time to

show Madam Vanderbilt the truth.”

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