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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 623

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Chapter 623

Nolan was standing in the darkness, and no light, nothing could be seen.

The psychologist looked at his pocket watch, took the paper Quincy handed to him, and said, “Can you
see the scene of the incident?”

Scene of the incident?

Sweat rolled down Nolan’s brows.

The psychologist hinted, “When your wife got into the car accident, you went over to the scene.”

Nolan was standing in the darkness, frozen on the spot, but he could see the fire from afar. He took
heavy steps toward that direction, some sounds floating around in his mind.

“Zee, I’m sorry, Zee…

“We don’t need to be divorced, don’t leave me…”

Nolan stared at the man kneeling in front of the car, crying his heart out.

His breathing stopped as a head-splitting sharp humming started, drowning out all the surrounding


He slowly raised his head.

Maisie was in front of him with a swaddle in hand and walking toward him with a smile. “We have
another child. Look, he looks so much like you.”

Maisie showed the child to him, but it was just a bloody chunk of flesh.

Nolan immediately sat up, looking pale and covered in a cold sweat.

Quincy walked over to him. “Are you alright, Mr. Goldmann?”

The psychologist put the pocket watch away and sat down on the couch. Quincy looked at him, “Did
the suggestion not work? Why is he so afraid?”

The doctor answered, “Memory impairment is usually caused by trauma in the brain. There might be
some hindrance with psychotherapy with his current condition. There’s something in his subconscious
that he is trying to avoid.”

Quincy was stunned. Something he was trying to avoid? Is it…

Quincy let the bodyguards send the doctor back. In the large guest room, Nolan’s body was swallowed
by coldness.

Quincy pulled the curtains apart, from darkness to light. The setting sun’s light covered each corner in
front of the couch, dust particles floating in the light

Quincy looked at Nolan’s pale face and couldn’t help but worry. “Mr. Goldmann, are you alright?”

Nolan calmed down and asked, “Incident… What does that mean?”

Quincy paused. “Do you remember?”

Nolan shook his head. “I have a vague impression, but I can’t remember.” Then he stopped talking.

Nolan looked up, his eyes red. “You’re hiding something from me. You and my dad know it, right?

Tell me, right now.”

Quincy looked helpless. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell, but Nicholas had said that if Nolan found
out, it would affect him.

Didn’t Maisie avoid telling him for the same reason?

Quincy was caught in a tough spot because Nolan was shooting daggers at him, but the door was
pushed open just then

Quincy relaxed when he saw who came in

Maisie walked in and looked at them, curious. “What’s going on?”

“Mr. Goldmann just finished his… psychotherapy.”

After Quincy said that, Maisie walked to Nolan.” What’s wrong?”

Nolan turned to look at Maisie and saw the woman who was carrying a bloody swaddle walking toward
him. The smile was one of hatred, and it suffocated him

He was afraid of the Maisie, who felt so foreign.

‘No, don’t

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