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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 621

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Chapter 621

Predictably, Yorick took the money and started gambling away. He won more than $30,000 the night
before and spent half the amount to pay for a bunch of friends meals and drinks.

Maisie squinted. If he used that money to start a business, she would find someone to help him out in
secret. It was great when people changed after making mistakes. She could have given him a chance
because this uncle of hers had never been bad to her father and her.

But too bad, he just wouldn’t turn over a new leaf, so she couldn’t help him.

She sent a message to her bodyguard.

After Madam Vanderbilt found out, she angrily went to the rental Yorick was staying in.

“You told me that you didn’t have money, but you used the money on gambling and drinking!?”

Yorick smoked a cigarette on the couch. He had a hangover and just woke up after half a day had
passed. He couldn’t care less about his mother’s questioning. “My friend lent me some money to
gamble. So what if I won and used it for drinks?” “You’ve abandoned your mother and son. Are your
friends more important now?” Madam Vanderbilt was almost getting a stroke.

Yorick dropped the cigarette on the floor, flattened it, and then stood up. “Yes, they are more important
than you. You call yourself my mother, but what have you done so far? And Hector, you were the one
who coddled him too much. Now you want me to take him back?”

He mocked, “I would rather not have you as a mother, and I could do without that useless son too!”

Madam Vanderbilt’s pupils shrank, and her fingers trembled. “W-What did you say?”

Yorick sat on the couch. “All my misfortunes were because of you. Ever since Dad died, I’ve kept quiet
for a long time. I’m going to imagine that my mother is no longer around from now on. What happens to
you and Hector will no longer be any of my business!”

Madam Vanderbilt shuddered and turned pale as a sheet. She never imagined that her own son would
cut her off.

She fainted because of all the anger.

She was lying on a hospital bed when she woke up, but only Hector was by her side.

“Grandma, what am I supposed to do if anything happens to you?” When he saw that she was awake,
Hector complained, “Dad left us, for good.”

Madam Vanderbilt already had a headache, but now that her grandson was complaining, she became
anxious. “Hecky, don’t cry. You are your father’s son .He wouldn’t just leave you.”

Hector calmed down when he heard that.

The doctor walked in. “Madam Vanderbilt?”

Hector got up and walked to the doctor, “Doctor, how’s my grandma?”

The doctor took a look at her charts and said, “She has high blood pressure and has to take care of her
temper. Stop making her angry. High blood pressure can cause cerebral thrombosis, which can be

When the doctor left, he turned and said to him, Please settle the bills at the reception.”

Madam Vanderbilt had another problem. The bills cost a lot, so she asked, “Hecky, who sent me here?
Was it your father?”

“No, it was someone I didn’t recognize;” Hector replied.

Madam Vanderbilt’s heart felt cold. Had her son really left her to die?

When she noticed Hector was not moving, she said, “Hecky, please help me settle the bill.”

Hector turned to look at her, avoiding her eyes. “But Grandma, we’re almost out of money.”

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