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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 628

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Chapter 628

Maisie did not deny

“Yeah,” she smiled, ‘m the one who gave you the $ 150,000 too. You didn’t tell Grandma about it, did

Madam Vanderbilt turned her head around and looked at Yorick

Yorick did not say anything, meaning that Maisie was telling the truth.

“It’s none of my business if you want to go back to your mother or your son. After all, it’s up to you how
you want to use the money,” Maisie said as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, her gaze cold.
“Of course, if you were willing to spend that money the right way. I may still be able to give you a
chance But unfortunately, you’re a lame duck, and giving you more money won’t do any good.”

Yorick clenched his fist and lowered his head in embarrassment.

Madam Vanderbilt looked at Maisie and said, “Zee, since you’re still alive and you’re willing to help your
uncle and cousin.”

“Grandma, please don’t get the wrong idea,” Maisie interrupted her. “I didn’t help them for nothing. I’m
doing this so that you can see the brutality of the world.”

Madam Vanderbilt looked at her in a trance,

Maisie rose to her feet and walked to the window. She turned sideways to look at them and then
continued.” I wanted to know if my uncle would return to Coralla and start a new business after getting
the money. I also wanted to find out whether you would go find him if you learned he has money or
whether he would help you.”

Madam Vanderbilt lowered her head.

Maisie chuckled and said, “I’m sure you’ve seen it now. You can’t even afford to pay the medical bills.
My uncle has money, but he doesn’t want to pay for it, and my cousin gave your money to Cindy. Of
course, you could borrow money from your relatives, but what did they say? Did they lend you the
money?” Before Madam Vanderbilt could say anything, Maisie walked up to her bed and leaned
forward. She looked into her eyes and said, “Grandma, both my father and my uncle are your sons.
However, my dad is gone, and my uncle wants nothing to do with you.

“Hector only knows how to spend money, but he doesn’t know how to earn it and you still want to take
my father’s assets? Do you think he has what it takes to manage the company?

“If I hand Soul to Hector, I can assure you that Soul will go bankrupt in less than a month.

“At that time, not only will he have to shoulder the money that the company has lost, but he will have to
pay back to the bank, as well as other partner companies. It could rack up to millions of dollars, and
you wouldn’t be able to pay all of it even if you sold him off.”

The atmosphere in the ward took a nosedive and became tense after what Maisie said. Both Yorick
and Madam Vanderbilt did not dare to say anything.

As for Hector, he was still immersed in the sadness of being swindled by Cindy, so he was not in the
mood to argue with Maisie.

Maisie stood up and approached Saydie. Then, she said, “This will be my last piece of advice. Don’t try
to get something that doesn’t belong to you. Go back and start a business or something. Don’t expect
to get something for nothing. No one is obliged to help you.”

In Blackgold…

Quincy received a call from the bodyguard, and he called his men back since Maisie had dealt with
Madam Vanderbilt.

In the meantime, a man wearing casual attire came out of the elevator. He was wearing sunglasses
and a face mask. Although his face couldn’t be seen, he still gave off an imposing vibe.

Quincy couldn’t recognize him at first glance. It was only when he got closer to him that he exclaimed,
“Mr. Boucher?”

Helios removed his face mask and smiled at him, “It has been a long time, Quincy. Is Nolan in the

Quincy brought Helios into Nolan’s office. Nolan put the document down, and he frowned when he saw
the man beside Quincy.

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