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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 629

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Chapter 629

Helios removed hus sunglasses and put them in the pocket in front of his chest 1 suppose you don’t
need me to introduce myself, right?”

Nolan knew who he was and said, “Seems like you’re doing pretty well in showbiz

Helios chuckled and replied, ” didn’t believe it when someone told me that you’ve lost your memories
He walked toward the couch and sat down Quincy then brought him a cup of tea

Nolan stood up and came to the couch He undid the button on his shirt and sat down as well

“Well, it’s rare for you to come and see me, so what do you have for me?”

“There indeed is something I need your help with” Helios said as he took a sip of tea. “I believe you’ve
gotten in touch with Nathaniel before, right?”

Just when Nolan was thinking who Nathaniel was, Quincy leaned forward and reminded him, “It’s Mr.
Hannigan, you met last time.”

Nolan squinted his eyes and let out a meaningful smile, “What’s wrong? Are the Hannigans after you?

Helios did not reply

Nolan added matter-of-factly. “You aren’t young

anymore, and it’s about time for you to settle down

Helios put the cup down and said, amusement thick in his voice, “Why are you so worried about my
marital status?”

Nolan’s face sank. He crossed his arm in front of his chest and looked at him. “Which one of your eyes
sees that I’m worried about you?”

Helios chuckled and replied, “Both of them.”

Nolan set his jaw tightly and had an urge to chase him out of the office. As for Quincy, he stood at the
side and sighed inwardly. There was no way Nolan could outwit Helios losing his memory. After all,
Helios was as cunning as a fox.

“I heard that Ms. Vanderbilt has come back with you.”

“It’s truly amazing how you learn about the news so soon.”

A sense of crisis rose from Nolan’s heart when he remembered the things Maisie had told him.

Helios narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Why? Am I even not allowed to care about my friend?”

Nolan gnashed his teeth and said, “It’s not your turn to care about her.”

“That’s not what you told me in the past.” Helios raised his eyebrows and laughed nonchalantly. “You
told me that I might have a chance after you guys have gotten a divorce

Nolan sucked in a sharp breath, and veins were bulging from the back of his hand that he put on his
forehead. “We won’t get a divorce. Don’t even think about it.”

Maisie belonged to him, and nobody could take her away from him.

If Helios wanted to get her away from him, then he had no other choice but to get rid of him first.

After he had enough fun, Helios stopped teasing Nolan and went into the main topic. “Since the
Hannigans can’t get you to their side, they now have shifted their target to me. Tanner is my friend, and

he clearly states that he won’t help the Hannigans. I can’t intervene in the business world, so my hands
are tied, but you are different.”

He was stating the truth.

First, he was someone from the entertainment industry, not to mention that he was a famous public
figure. If he made a move on the Hannigans, it would bring bad publicity to him.

Secondly, he was one of the Bouchers, and the Bouchers would never be involved in the business
world. Besides, when he had insisted on entering the entertainment industry, he had said he would
never use his family’s connections to do anything.

Everything he had today was the result of his own effort. He had never bribed anyone and had never
used any connections. Therefore, if his grandfather found out that he had used the connections of the
Bouchers to stop it because of the Hannigans, he would need to quit the entertainment industry and go
home to inherit the family business

Nolan narrowed his eyes and asked, “Why should I help you?”

Helios leaned forward to look at him and said, “As far as I know, although the Hannigans have changed
their target to me, Maizie hasn’t given up on you yet. If you help me, you can get rid of her as well.”

“How did you know about that?” Nolan asked.

Helios took another sip of tea and replied, “It’s none of your business. If you don’t want to help me, I
have no other choice but to ask for help from M-”

“11 do it,” Nolan interrupted him.

He dusted his suit and said, “The Hannigans are nothing. Besides, it’s time for me to settle the score
with them too.”

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