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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 632

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Chapter 632

Ryleigh’s cheeks turned warm in an instant She took a few steps backward in fright turned around, and
ran away

She was still in a state of panic when she arrived at Maisie’s office She slumped on the couch as soon
as she entered the door as her legs were weak

Marsie came out of the workshop, saw how Ryleigh looked blank and out of her mind, and smiled,
“What’s happened here?”

Ryleigh sat up immediately and put the coffee on the table for her “1. I bought this for you.”

Maiste went to the table to pick up the coffee and could not help but realize that Ryleigh was
stammering when she was talking “What happened? Why are you so petrified?”

“H-It’s nothing huge It’s just It’s just that I ran into Maizie Hannigan when I went to buy coffee, and I
almost quarreled with her

Maisie grabbed the coffee, walked to her desk, and sat down “That’s it?

Ryleigh pursed her lips. “Yeah.”

“Then why do you look so flushed?” “It’s very hot!” Ryleigh miffed instantly

Maisie noticed her guilty expression and squinted at her for a long time

‘Even if she’s gotten into an argument with Maizie, that wouldn’t cause her to look like that. It looks
like… she’s done something wrong.

“By the way, Zee, what’s up with the trending plagiarism matter on Twitter?” Ryleigh changed the
subject immediately to avoid being noticed.

Maisie skimmed through the information nonchalantly “It’s a peer competition. Soul’s new couple
jewelry design is currently a best-seller, so someone’s probably jealous

Ryleigh wondered. “Which company in the jewelry field is such an annoying piece of sh*t?”

Maisie raised her gaze and chuckled. “It’s a jewelry company that’s gained quite a lot of fame in recent
years, Passion Jewelry.”

Passion Jewelry was about the same as Vaenna Jewelry before this when it came to its company’s
reputation, but it was not as well-known as the three major players in the field, namely Hailey & Co.

Jewelry, the La Perla Group, and Taylor Jewelry, back then.

However, in recent years, Passion Jewelry had outshone Hailey & Co. Jewelry and had long surpassed
Soul Jewelry by miles. It was now only inches away from where the La Perla Group was. It had finally
fought its way into the top three companies in the jewelry field and had gotten a taste of being at the
industry’s peak, so it was only natural it did not want to be squeezed out of its throne at this moment.

Soul Jewelry had the highest sales volume, and its branding went well with what wealthy ladies and the
nobility looked for in their jewelry. And just like Taylor Jewelry, Soul focused more on their custom-
made jewelry, so all their jewelry pieces were unique, and they were not worried about being similar to
the products from other companies

Passion Jewelry was probably not reconciled when they saw the sales of Soul Jewelry rushing ahead
all of a sudden, so they tried to use plagiarism to suppress Soul Jewelry’s popularity. Companies would
turn to any kind of tricks when it came to peer competition

Ryleigh approached her. “Then why don’t you clarify? Why would you let them succeed?”

“Why should I clarify?” Maisie gave off a pregnant smirk. “It’s not like I can’t use this opportunity to get
back at them. I won’t be the one who suffers when they try to make a fuss out of this situation again.”

The news article regarding A Alice Plagiarizing Zora’s Design# had secured a position on Google
Trends, and its click rate was sky-high. Sure enough, many netizens thought that this was just a
method used to create hype, but some netizens still went under Soul Jewelry’s official social media
accounts and demanded the company to come forward to clarify the situation or explain themselves.

However, Soul Jewelry had not dealt with this matter officially

Although the topic had appeared on Google Trends for two days, its click rate had not slowed down or
diminished. As for Soul Jewelry’s sales volume, it did not seem to have gone down much because of
this scandal. Even though it had dropped by 5%, it was still very high.

Soul Jewelry’s toughness convinced the netizens without them putting out any official explanation or

Many netizens thought that if it were truly a case of plagiarism, the company should have come out to
clarify the situation with a guilty conscience or hired someone to suppress the spread of the news, but
Soul Jewelry did not choose to do either of those.

Still, some netizens thought that Soul Jewelry was thick-skinned and would never admit they had
plagiarized someone else even if it would cost them the prestige of the company

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