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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 634

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Chapter 634

“I cant do it.” Nolan’s voice sounded hoarse He then kissed her vigorously as things got steamier and

Perhaps it was during the late autumn, the heavy rain from last night made the ambient temperature
feel cold and the vellow and wer withered leaves covered the ground, blending in with the puddles

Maisie and Nolan had just sent the two rugrats to their private elementary school, and when they were
on their way to drop her off at Soul Jewelry Maisie was so sleepy that she leaned on him and dozed off

Nolan turned his head, stared at her, and raised his hand to tidy the hair that was hanging on her
forehead. “Are you still this sleepy

“Yeah,”Maisie complained innocently, “And it’s all your fault.”

He chuckled and leaned closer to her ear. “Isn’t it your fault?”

Maisie lifted her head, rested her chin on his shoulder, and stared at him. I didn’t allow you to go twice
in one night.”

Sure enough, Nolan, who was suffering from amnesia, was not only unrestrained but also extremely
energetic. He had almost suffocated her with all the actions that she had to go through the previous

Nolan did not say anything. Anyway, he was very proud of himself deep down.

Maisie’s cell phone rang at this time something big must have happened for Kennedy to call her so
early in the morning.

She answered the call. “Uncle Kennedy?”

“Zee, the public opinion on the Internet has changed, and Passion Jewelry has turned to more ruthless
means. It seems they want to confirm the plagiarism matter this time around.”

Nolan seemed to have heard something and frowned.” What about plagiarism?”

Maisie subconsciously turned away from the figure that was approaching her, but he grasped her wrist.

The man’s eyes were fixed on her as if they were telling her that he would be angry if she were to
refuse to let him know what happened, and it would be difficult to coax him this time around,

Maisie felt helpless. Hence, she hung up the call and placed both hands on his handsome face after
saying something to Kennedy, “The Internet is saying that my design is suspected of plagiarism. But
my husband will believe in me, won’t he?”

Nolan squinted his eyes as he rubbed his chin against her palm. “Of course. Who’s the jerk that said
my wife copied someone else’s design? Quincy. you’re to find that jerk.”

Maisie chuckled before Quincy, who was driving, had the time to say anything. “I’ve already looked into
it. It’s a company that’s competing with Soul. Don’t worry, I can handle it myself.”

Nolans stared at her without saying a word. He looked calm on the surface but was worried to death
deep down. He still wanted to do something about it from the shadows.

Maisie seemed to have seen through him and leaned closer. “Hubby, you’ve already spent a lot of
money to go against the Hannigans. So be a good boy,

and don’t be a spendthrift.”

Nolan raised his eyebrows. “Are you saying that you don’t have faith in me?”

As he said so, Nolan pinched her chin with his fingertips and lifted her jaw, “No matter how spendthrift I
am, you don’t have to worry that I’ll go bankrupt and end up not being able to support my wife.”

Quincy was so jealous after hearing this. 1

‘This rich brat!

Maisie calmly adjusted her makeup and hair, then grabbed his tie before getting out of the car. “Don’t
interfere with my affairs, be obedient, or else.”

She placed her lips next to his ear. “You’ll be sleeping alone at night.”

Nolan narrowed his eyes, but Maisie had already gotten out of the car.

Back in the office, Kennedy handed her the tablet.

Maisie took a look at the tablet. It seemed that since Passion Jewelry could not remove the trending
article, they had changed their strategy by claiming that Soul Jewelry was disrespecting Zora, the
departed designer.

Most netizens did not know about it, so many people believed it to be true upon reading the rumors that
Passion Jewelry had created. As such, they turned around and assaulted Soul Jewelry for plagiarizing
the design of a deceased person only to gain popularity

Nobody knew whether Passion Jewelry had hired a ton of keyboard warriors, but all of Soul Jewelry’s
social media accounts were filled with negative comments.

#Is Soul Jewelry’s sales volume made up? That’s very shameless of them.#

#Plagiarism is plagiarism! It isn’t that difficult to admit that you’ve plagiarized, is it?# #Soul Jewelry is a
brand created by Zora, right? They actually ask their designers to continue to use her design language

for popularity even after she died!#

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