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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 635

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Chapter 635

#1 vomited after learning how things operate within Soul Jewelry #

Kennedy looked at Maisie “Zee, Soul Jewelry’s sales have dropped by 10% today, and we’ve already
received a few calls asking for order cancellations and refunds:

Maisie’s eyes moved. It seems that they’re trying to force us into submission” *Then what are you
planning to do?” Kennedy knew that there was a reason for Maisie not to disclose her identity, and it
would be better if there were other ways

Maisie handed the tablet back to him and picked up the phone. Passion Jewelry is still insisting that I
must admit that I’ve plagiarized in order to save Soul Jewelry, so I think it’s time for me to fight back

Just as the plagiarism turmoil on the Internet was gaining immense momentum, another trending
hashtag, namely #PassionJewelryFakeProducts, had appeared on Google and Twitter

Passion Jewelry was exposed to cutting corners by selling adulterated gemstones at high prices to
deceive their customers. They were also the ones who had spread the rumor regarding Zora’s death,
not to mention the filthy hobby that the owner of Passion

Jewelry had, which was forcing women and teenagers to drink with him.

These continuous exposures suppressed the crisis that Soul Jewelry was in all at once.

The fact that the owner of Passion Jewelry had a specific fondness for young girls and the many
photos that revealed the girls’ resistance when they were being forced into drinking alcohol were
already enough to alarm the police.

Kennedy was surprised when he saw the trending topics on Twitter. “Zee, how do you know about all
these things?”

Maisie smirked. “This is all thanks to the group chat.”

An hour ago, she had inquired about the owner of Passion Jewelry in the group chat and promised
everyone in the group that they would get a 50% discount when they wished to order a piece of jewelry
from Soul in the future. All they needed to do was to mention the name of the group chat when they
were placing their orders.

The ladies of the upper-class circle usually kept a close relationship with a wide range of circles, not to
mention the connections that they got through those relationships. They could sometimes know about
secrets that even the best reporters could not get their hands on.

Several ladies in the group had a bad impression of the owner of Passion Jewelry. They claimed that
they had encountered him drinking with random young ladies in high-end clubs on multiple occasions.

Coincidentally, one of the ladies in the group chat had been together with a young executive of the
Hailey Group. She had once heard from him about how Passion Jewelry had advanced by leaps and
bounds in recent years, even surpassing the Hailey Group in that regard. There were a lot of fraudulent
elements involved in this trend

As such, Maisie had asked Quincy to help her conduct an in-depth investigation, and indeed, she found
out that something was not right. If Passion Jewelry really wanted to get rid of Soul Jewelry, then she
really wished to see how Passion Jewelry could rectify their company’s reputation and recover from all
these scandals. Unsurprisingly, Kennedy received a call at noon, saying Passion Jewelry was already
in a mess-they kept burning money trying to get those trending articles suppressed.

The strange thing was that Soul Jewelry did not get involved in trying to keep the news articles on
Twitter and Google Trend, but Passion Jewelry just could not remove those topics from the spotlight

because someone actually paid ten times the price in order to secure the articles’ position in the
trending list for another week.

Maisie already guessed who it was upon hearing that

At Blackgold…

“Mr. Goldmann, Ms. Vanderbilt’s news has been suppressed by the current trending search, and
Passion Jewelry can’t afford to pay a price that’s higher than yours to get them out of the spotlight. You
can rest assured now.”

‘Mr. Goldmann has never lost to anyone else when it comes to spending money. Even if Passion
Jewelry were to find out that Mr. Goldmann deliberately paid to secure their scandals on the trending
search list, there would be nothing they can do apart from regretting their decisions.

“After all, it’s a position in a list that costs $1,500,000.1 dare Passion Jewelry to offer another tenfold

Quincy felt a little disturbed by that.

Nolan fidgeted the pen in his hand with a pleasant expression. “Since Passion Jewelry has painted a
target on my wife’s back, I won’t let this slide that easily.”

“Mr. Goldmann, you just dealt with Hannigans Inc., and you’re now paying for all the trending keywords
and searches. You’ve spent nearly $150,000,000 in the past few days.”

‘$150,000,000, that’s all money, cash!

Nolan narrowed his eyes as his lips moved slightly.” And I’m happy about that.

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