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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 650

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Chapter 650

The middle-aged man’s expression was one of utter ernbarrassment.

The bidding for Raw Gemstone #2 began shortly after, and Barbara raised her placard as its
auctioneer. 7.5 million.”

The price of 7.5 million dollars in the first go shocked everyone present. After all, Raw Gemstone #6 did
not contain a big gem, so everyone wondered whether Raw Gemstone #2 would contain anything.
However, this was the only raw gemstone left for them to bid on.

The middle-aged man did not dare to raise his placard anymore. He had spent 15 million dollars for a
piece of rock, but it only contained such a tiny piece of gem. Thus, Mrs. Boucher won Raw Gemstone
#2 with a total bidding of 12.5 million dollars.

Maisie found that Barbara seemed to have given the raw gemstone to Mrs. Boucher on purpose.

Barbara could offer a starting bid of 7.5 million, which indicates that she does possess the money, but
she didn’t go against Mrs. Boucher till the very end. But I can’t tell whether she has other motives or
she didn’t dare to bet on that raw gemstone.

Raw Gemstone #2 was cut straight from the middle backstage. No gem could be seen at first, but a
huge piece of gem appeared when they went for a second

cut, not to mention the deep emerald gem that appeared during the third cut!

“It contains a genuine gem!” Everyone in the audience was shocked. Someone even doubled Mrs.
Boucher’s bid, wanting to buy the gemstone from her.

Mrs. Boucher increased her bid and managed to purchase the raw gemstone for 42.5 million dollars,
and Barbara, who had chosen to auction the raw gemstone, became one of the profilers.

Barbara looked at Maisie. “You’re the one who picked this raw gemstone for me. It seems that I was
not wrong to choose to believe in you.”

Maisie smiled. “You wouldn’t believe in me if you were not sure about the gemstone.”

Maisie witnessed a gem-hunting event in person today. Although she did not participate in the auction,
she got to witness a family feud live. The middle aged man had tried to leave the scene with the
woman halfway through the auction but was stopped by Mrs. Boucher’s bodyguard.

The bodyguard said something to him, and he followed the bodyguard to one of the lounges.

When Maisie looked in the direction of Mrs. Boucher again, she found that Mrs. Boucher was no longer
sitting in her seat, leaving only Louis and his aunt there.

Barbara suddenly suggested, “Do you girls feel like watching the feud in person?”

Ryleigh took the lead immediately when there was such an exciting idea. “I’m definitely going!”

Maisie did not say anything. She could only tag along if she wanted to know more.

The three of them hid behind a screen in the lounge to eavesdrop, and the middle-aged man’s voice
sounded. “Christina, sister-in-law, Katrina and I aren’t what you think we are. She’s my secretary.”

Maisie was stunned.

“Sister-in-law? If that’s the case, isn’t this man Yael Boucher’s younger brother and Helios’ uncle,
Eugene Boucher?’

Maisie glanced at Barbara and Ryleigh, who seemed to have long known the identity of that man.

But what surprised her was that Barbara had recognized the people from the Bouchers and had
already expected Eugene’s extramarital affair since the very beginning of the auction. Otherwise, she
would not have given off that creepy smirk.

‘Christina Hill is Helios’ mother, and she’s Eugene’s sister-in-law. If she knew about her brother-in-law’s
affair with the woman and that he would bring her here to this gem-hunting event, it wouldn’t surprise
me that she’s come here to confront him.

The Bouchers are a well-known family in Bassburgh, and Eugene’s mistress hasn’t been exposed after
so many years. That alone is enough to show that

Eugene’s done well when it comes to concealing his affair with the woman.

‘This also proves that the Bouchers don’t like flaws in the family, and Mrs. Boucher may be one of them
who takes the reputation of the Bouchers very seriously. That’s why she’s come out here to warn
Eugene to restrain himself

‘But if Barbara didn’t come to the gem-hunting event just to buy herself a raw gemstone, what did she
come here for? She even brought Ryleigh and me along. This is something that I can’t get my head
around it. Mrs. Boucher picked up the teacup from the table. “Heh, you don’t have to explain yourself. I
finally understand why Samantha wants to divorce you now. Since you can be so heartless to
Samantha, then divorce her. But let me make it clear to you now, the Bouchers will never take in

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