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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 652

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Chapter 652

Barbara returned after a few years when those rumors had been long forgotten, so her name Barbara
Chase was as if she was reborn.

Maisie was really impressed by Barbara’s calmness. If it were other girls, and that happened to them,
they might have chosen a different way out of the rumors.

Even if she had a past like Barbara, she couldn’t say that she would be able to survive just as well.

If Barbara weren’t born where she was, she would have been sent to prison by the deceased’s family
and would have had to live with all the guilt.

Maisie was in deep thought and stood outside the door. Nolan walked out of the study and saw her
standing there, so he walked toward her and hugged her from behind. “You’re back.” Maisie was pulled
back into reality and suddenly fell into his arms. Nolan paused, gently putting his hand on the back of
her head. “What’s wrong?”

“I missed you.” Maisie rubbed her face on his chest. Nolan’s eyes were gentle upon seeing how she
was acting. He then pushed the room door open and carried her in.

Nolan let her sit on the bed, put his hand on the edge of the bed, then held her in his arms while putting
his face on her forehead, and said in a low voice, “You’re

missing me right after coming back? Did something happen?”

Maisie hugged his neck. “Nolan, would you cheat one day?” He paused and frowned. “Why would I
cheat?” Maisie was probably more sensitive because of what happened today, so she said, “Rich men
like to have other women after they get married. Would you find someone younger outside once you’re
bored of me?”

Nolan kissed the corner of her eyes. “No, I just need you for my needs. There’s no need for that in
principle either.”

Maisie curled her finger around his tie. “Wouldn’t you be bored, just sleeping with one person?”

“Compared to the wild flowers out there,” Nolan pressed his finger on her lips and looked at her with a
burning gaze, “I prefer this rose have at home.”

Maisie laughed. “You’re just saying that.”

“Do you feel better?”

He leaned down, and Maisie leaned back along, looking bashful, but her eyes were smiling. “Yes, I’d
feel better no matter what you say.”

He deliberately said, “What if I did this?”

She bit her lip. “You’re nasty.”

The next day, at Soul…

Maisie finished the work she had and lay on the desk, tired.

Ryleigh suddenly entered. “Zee!” She was holding a magazine in her hand and ran toward her. “Big
news, major news!” Maisie raised her head tiredly but immediately became alert when she saw
‘Eugene Boucher bringing his mistress to the gem-hunting event’.

She sat up straight and took the magazine. “Why are the media suddenly reporting about this?”

“I have no idea, probably because someone had to call them out.” Ryleigh walked to the rocking chair
and sat down, swinging lightly. “I heard that it wasn’t the first time that Eugene Boucher had cheated.

There were a few more before this, and Katrina was just one of his new lovers.”

“Didn’t you ask your aunt?”

“My aunt wouldn’t tell me. I asked around. Too few people know about this, but now that it’s exposed, it
isn’t going to be covered up.” Ryleigh said.

Maisie looked at the magazine in her hand, guessing that Barbara would be the only person who would
dare spill the news about Eugene’s lover.

At the Boucher manor…

Elder Master Boucher threw the magazine at Eugene.” I asked you to lay low, and you give me a
scandal instead!?”

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