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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 659

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Chapter 659

‘That man sold me out!?’

Mrs. Hannigan was stunned. “Zee, what have you done?”

Nathaniel shouted at her, “Your good daughter hired a man to pretend to be a drunk driver to run over
someone. Is she tired of living, or does she want to go to jail?” Mrs. Hannigan was stunned when she
heard what Nathaniel said. She looked at Maizie and found it hard to believe that her daughter would
do something like that.

‘My daughter hired a man to be a drunk driver and run over someone? How is that possible?’ Maizie
squeezed tears out of her eyes and explained,” No, Dad. I didn’t do that. Someone framed me-”

“Framed you?” Nathaniel interrupted, cutting her short. He pointed at her and growled, “Are you saying
that Mr. Goldmann is framing you? That man is in the police station right now, and he has confessed
everything. He said that you’re the one who hired him, and Mr. Goldmann wants me to give him a
reasonable solution. I’m sure you know what’s going on in our family, right? And you still want to do
something like that? Do you want me to get into trouble?”

Maizie’s shoulders shook.

‘Mr. Goldmann? But why? Does he love that woman that much!?’

“Dad, 1-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just wanted to teach her a lesson. I didn’t want to cause an

Nathaniel went forward and slapped her again. Mrs. Hannigan cried out loud and pounced forward to
shield Maizie with her body. “Stop, Nathaniel, stop beating Zee! She has already learned her lesson, so
please, stop!”

“Get out of my way!’ Nathaniel pushed her away, causing her to stumble into the couch nearby.

Nathaniel then grabbed Maizie’s hair and said, “You just want to teach her a lesson? What if something
happens to her? The entire Hannigans would be in big trouble because of you! Do you know who that
woman i s? She’s Mr. Goldmann’s wife! If not, why do you think he wouldn’t take the bait even though
he has lost his memory?”

Maizie was dumbfounded when she heard what her father said.

‘Didn’t Mr. Goldmann’s wife die three years ago? How is she still alive!?”

Suddenly, the scale fell before Maizie’s eyes.

‘It’s no wonder that she’s so confident and arrogant, so she’s his wife from three years ago?’ “That’s
impossible! There’s no way she’s

still his wife.

They got a divorce three years ago!”

Seeing that Maizie still refused to accept the situation, Nathaniel was so exasperated that he raised his
hand again. Mrs. Hannigan held his hand and cried. “Please stop. Nathaniel. Please stop hitting her.”

Nathaniel did not slap Maizie anymore. He pushed Mrs. Hannigan away, and she went forward to hold
her daughter in her arms.

He pointed at them and growled, “Both of you better not do anything stupid. I’m sure you’re aware of
our family’s condition right now. If Mr. Goldmann really does something to us, I’ll kick both of you out of
the house!” At Blackgold…

“Mr. Goldmann, Nathaniel said that he punished Maizie and promised that he would keep an eye on
her. He won’t let her come out and cause us any trouble anymore,” Quincy said.

Nolan leaned back in his chair. He put his arm on the armrest and covered his eyes with the other
hand. His expression was dark.

Quincy looked at his face and asked, “Are you alright, Mr. Goldmann?”

Nolan waved his hand and said, “I’m fine. You’re dismissed.” Quincy exited the office.

Nolan stared at the computer for a long while before keying in Maisie and his name on Google.
However, he did not get any search results when he hit the button

He then deleted Maisie’s name and hit the button again. This time, several things popped up.

#Nolan is seriously ill#

#Has Nolan gotten a divorce?#

#Who is Nolan’s wife?#

He scrolled down and looked at each of them. It was rumored that he had been terminally ill three
years ago, but there was no solid information about it. Three years ago, it was rumored that the
Goldmanns had announced the separation between him and his wife, but there was no information
about it either.

It seemed to him that someone had erased those things from the Internet. Sensing something, he
picked up the phone and called someone at the front desk to bring up a spare laptop.

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