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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 663

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Chapter 663

After facing the wet and humid sea breeze, Nolan’s body did not feel as warm as it used to be, and
even his complexion looked a little cold.

Nolan wrapped his arms around her body, pressed her against his chest, and rested his chin on her
shoulder. “Zee, do you love me?”

Maisie was astonished, then held his cool, freezing cheeks with her palms and stared at him. “Why
would you ask about this all of a sudden?”

He held her hand and stared affectionately at her. “I want to hear it from you.” Maisie chuckled as her
eyes narrowed into two curved lines. She then moved closer to his lips and pecked them gently. “Are
you satisfied with my answer?”

Nolan pinched her chin with his fingers, and the strong aura wrapped her whole body up abruptly,
especially around her lips.

He kissed her deeply, which captivated her. Minutes had passed by when he finally let her go. The
emotions in her eyes rippled underneath the layer of fog that blurred out her gaze, making it look even
more mysterious and enchanting.

Nolan picked her up and curled the corners of his lips. “Let’s go home.”

“Nolan Goldmann, didn’t you say that your legs are numb?” Maisie frowned and snorted softly. “You

Nolan kissed her forehead. “They recovered as soon as I got to kiss you.”

Back in the car, Maisie covered Nolan’s cold hands and whined in a low voice, “Now explain this to me.
You left all serious matters behind all day long and came here for your personal dose of vitamin sea.
Don’t you know that those who don’t know you too well would worry to death?”

Nolan looked up at her and gave off a warm grin. “How could I be willing to leave my wife and kids
behind?” Maisie did not say anything and only covered his hands silently while Nolan wrapped his arms
around her and took her to his arms. “I’m sorry, Zee. I don’t know what I should say to you about the
accident. I think I’m the one who brought that on you. I want to remember everything, but I’m also afraid
of remembering everything.” He paused before adding slowly, “If I’m really the person who’s hurt you,
how should I make up for it? What should I do?”

Maisie was taken aback as she felt that Nolan’s hand, which was embracing her, was trembling. She
raised her head after a significant period. “Let me tell you a story.”

The fool that she mentioned in the story was actually not as much of a jerk as she thought he would be.

Although he had always been jealous and rather unreasonable, he was only a retard who lived behind
a thick and impenetrable armor.

When she was in danger, that fool would always disregard his own wellbeing to come to her rescue,
even if he knew that it was a trap.

Still, he was not forged in fire and from metal. He was as vulnerable as any other human was and could
be injured. That fool had blocked a bullet and almost died for her three years ago, and he had gotten
infected with a virus because of that incident. The infection had forced him into driving her away, so
that was why there was a divorce.

She had left the country for three years and had never hated him. She had only hated herself because
she had gotten her father, Cherie, and her unborn child involved in that incident. She had left

reluctantly, thinking that she could forget about her past with him and start over as long as she could
not know about him, but she still hoped that he would come to her. However, what she did not know
was that the idiot had been sick all this time, and his condition had been getting worse as days went by.
After reuniting in Stoslo, that fool would shamelessly pester her again. She had been simultaneously
furious, delighted, and helpless, and she would take her chances even if it meant that she could only
be with him for the rest of her life.

Nolan chuckled softly, rubbing his chin against the top of her head. “So am I such a jerk?”

Maisie buried herself in his chest. “Yeah, now that you know, will you let me go again?”

She tapped her fingertips on his beating heart. “I won’t ever come back again if you let me go again.”
Nolan kissed her forehead and promised after a long time. “No, I won’t let you go again, never in this

It was very late when they returned to the Goldmann mansion. Nicholas, who was sitting on the couch,
was the first thing that caught their attention as soon as they entered the door.

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