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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 669

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Chapter 669

Nolan frowned, “Does Eugene Boucher know that she’s related to the Chases?”

Quincy nodded, “I believe he does. But since the Chases deny Katrina’s existence, even if he knows,
she’s just an illegitimate daughter that the Chases won’t take in.”

To put it bluntly, Eugene was just fooling around. If Katrina could give him any benefit, he would have
gotten a divorce from Samantha long ago.

Quincy thought of something and said, “By the way, Mr. Goldmann, Ms. Vanderbilt is quite close to Mr.
Chase’s daughter, Barbara. On the day of the gemhunting event, other than Ms. Hill, Ms. Chase was
there too.”

Nolan didn’t say anything. However, he recalled that Maisie had said she didn’t like owing anything to
anyone and that the Chases had taken over the case of Passion Jewelry’s Mr. Ludwig.

Was the ‘owing’ that Maisie mentioned related to Barbara?’


He didn’t care why Barbara had gotten Maisie involved with the Bouchers. He had to find out as much
as possible so that no one could use Maisie.

Maisie completed the exact replica of the ring requested by Katrina in four days. She personally sent
the ring to Stanford Manor along with Saydie.

Katrina saw that the ring in the box looked exactly like the one in the photo, and it was so delicate no
one could tell if the antique diamond ring was a counterfeit. “Y-You made this in four days?”

Maisie sat on the couch and smiled. “Are you happy with that?”

“Yes.” Katrina picked up the ring and looked at Maisie, “I didn’t expect so much talent. You made this
replica look exactly like the real one.”

Maisie smiled shyly. “I’m the owner and designer of Soul, so I have to make my customers happy.”

Maisie turned to look at Saydie, who got the hint, then turned to ask the maid nearby. “May I use the
washroom, please?”

Katrina was too happy seeing the exact replica, so she didn’t reject Saydie’s request to use their
washroom.” Bring her over.”

The maid nodded and said to Saydie, “Follow me, please.”

Maisie started talking about something else in the living room to buy time for Saydie. After the maid
brought Saydie to the washroom,

she left. When Saydie walked out, she looked around and didn’t find any cameras.

She found Katrina’s room, quietly snuck in, and spotted Katrina’s computer on the desk.

Maisie let Katrina try on the ring. She looked gloomy for a second when she put it on, but the
expression disappeared. “This ring is really beautiful. I just can’t get over it.”

She meant something else. The ring was obviously the exact one that Eugene had, and it was to make
him compromise.

Katrina’s phone rang, and Maisie snuck a peek to see ‘Eugene’ on the caller ID. She deliberately
asked, “Is that your husband?”

Katrina immediately picked up her phone and gladly answered, “Yes.”

Katrina got up and walked aside to answer, thinking that Maisie didn’t know who Eugene was. She said
in a coquettish tone, “Eugene, why are you just calling me now?’

Katrina looked impatient after Eugene said something. “How much longer do I need to wait?”

Eugene had probably given an answer that she wasn’t happy with, so she hung up and stood there,
looking moody.

Maisie watched everything quietly and lowered her eyes until Saydie returned and shook her head
toward Maisie.

Maisie knew that Saydie had probably gotten into her computer but didn’t find any suspicious videos.

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