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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 668

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Chapter 668

Or maybe, Eugene still had some love for his wife. Only they knew what was true. And since Samantha
had asked for a divorce because of that scandal, Eugene couldn’t care more about the other woman
anymore because he wasn’t going to marry her, to begin with. Finding out was only a matter of time. If
they found out that it was Barbara-and Katrina had a video that could be used to blackmail her -
Barbara would be at risk.

Helios frowned. “Do you know who ratted him out?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you.”

Maisie looked down. Even if this were a tricky situation, she didn’t plan to sell Barbara out. “I don’t like
owing people, and I’ve already agreed to help her.”

Helios was quiet for a while, then he smiled. “I know who it is now.” Maisie paused, but before she
could ask, he put on his sunglasses, looked at Nolan, and smiled knowingly to Maisie. “Don’t worry, if
the 17-year-old Nolan can’t protect you, you can come to me.”

Nolan’s face dropped, but Helios saw it and was even happier.

Maisie helplessly put her hand on her forehead. It was

obvious that Helios was trying to make Nolan angry. He wouldn’t be triggered so easily if he hadn’t lost
his memory.

After Helios left, Maisie could feel the cold, dark aura oozing out of the man behind her. She turned
around to face Nolan-‘jealousy’ was written all over that handsome yet gloomy face of his. Maisie stood
on her toes, kissed the corner of his lips, and touched his brows. “Are you angry again?” Nolan turned
away. “Yes.” He paused, then explained,” I’m angry at myself.”

Maisie paused.

Nolan held her palm. The light coming from behind him made his good looks vaguely shine through the
light. He looked serious, “I know I might not be the most reliable person after losing my memory, but I
won’t let anyone hurt you.” Maisie realized he was concerned about that and helplessly smiled as she
rubbed the top of his head.” Who says that you’re not reliable

Nolan looked at her. Maisie got close and stood on her toes to speak into his ear. “Aren’t my body and
soul relying on you?”

Nolan sighed, smiled, and hugged her. “You’re deliberately doing this.”

After that, he lowered his head to kiss her lips. He carried her to the table, pulled down his tie, and
stared at her passionately. “I wanted to let you get away, but not anymore.”

Maisie hugged his neck and reciprocated, leaning backward. She had a deep connection with him.

Nolan left Soul. Quincy, who had been waiting in the car for the past hour, looked at him through the
rearview mirror. The man who got back into the car looked happy with an unconcealable smile.

Quincy knew exactly what had happened but didn’t say anything.

Nolan adjusted his tie and said, “Look into the woman Eugene has.”

Quincy was startled. “You’re getting involved in the Bouchers’ matters?”

Nolan looked outside the window. “My wife got involved. To be careful, let’s find out more about her.”

At Blackgold… Quincy walked to Nolan with the documents and handed them to him. “This is all we
have on Katrina Zalensky.”

Nolan looked through the information while Quincy slowly said, “Katrina is related to the Chases. She’s
the illegitimate daughter of Michael Chase and Emily Zalensky. Mr. Chase’s wife couldn’t conceive
before this, so Mr. Chase got involved with Ms. Zalensky. Nonetheless, after his wife gave birth to a
daughter, Mr. Chase returned to his family.”

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