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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 667

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Chapter 667

Unexpectedly, someone appeared at the door. When Helios saw Nolan there, he didn’t look surprised.”
What a coincidence.”

Nolan crossed his arms and looked at him. “I’ve resolved the issue with the Hannigans, but you’re still
hanging around my wife.”

‘The issue with the Hannigans?’

Maisie looked at them. ‘Did Nolan put pressure on the Hannigans because of Helios?’

Helios stopped in front of Nolan. He was probably the only person who was comparable in looks,
status, and disposition to Nolan in Bassburgh

He chuckled. “I’m here to see Ms. Vanderbilt about my own issues. Your jealousy is your issue. They’re
not related.”

Nolan took a deep breath, his expression rigid. “Mr. Boucher, you are such-”

“Nolan,” Maisie pushed Nolan behind her, looking serious and helpless, “Be good.”

Nolan was quiet.

Maisie turned around and looked at Helios. “Mr. Boucher, how can I help you?”

Helios looked at Nolan, then asked Maisie, “Were you

there the day of the gem-hunting event?”

Maisie didn’t deny it. “Yes,” She paused and thought of something, “Is it about your uncle?”

Helios nodded. “I know it wasn’t you or Ryleigh, but my uncle and aunt are getting a divorce because of
that expose. He’s investigating who ratted him out, so I came to tell you to be careful.”

Before Maisie could answer, Nolan put his arms around her shoulders to shield her. “Why? Are you
going to do something to my wife?”

Helios raised his brows. “The Bouchers wouldn’t, but I can’t say the same for others.”

Nolan scoffed. “No one is going to get close to her.”

Helios smiled. “You should speak when you get your memory back.”

The two men’s eyes were filled with fire.

Maisie could hear between the lines, so she calmly squinted. “Your uncle is investigating, but he
wouldn’t take action and would let

someone else do it, right?”

Helios agreed with his silence.

After a long moment, Maisie asked, “Your uncle doesn’t want a divorce?”

Helios paused, then sighed. “He doesn’t.”

“I get it then.” Maisie walked to her desk and picked up a photo. “Is this the ring that your uncle wears?”

Helios squinted. “How did you get this picture?” “Katrina gave it to me.” Maisie raised her brows. “She
came to see me this afternoon and requested the same design as your uncle’s ring. Your uncle won’t
agree to the divorce, but she is rushing to get back on track.

“If your uncle finds out who ratted him out, he won’t be able to do anything about it. But he will let
Katrina take action, and if something happens to her, your uncle will have a reason to get rid of her.”

Helios looked shocked.

Maisie could make this speculation based on how Eugene had reacted the other day and how anxious
Katrina was today.

Eugene was a Boucher. If he really wanted to marry Katrina, he wouldn’t have spent five years and
kept it under wraps. Katrina was sincere, but Eugene wasn’t using her for comfort. Thus, she was just a
woman he kept around for fun.

No matter how much he didn’t love his wife, not getting a divorce was part of his principles. After all,
even if a man married someone he didn’t love, he could just keep her at home, and it wouldn’t affect
him from getting anything done.

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