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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 676

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Chapter 676

Katrina would always carry her cell phone with her. She would not even let Eugene touch it because
others could not know all the secrets that were stored in the cell phone.

She was even thinking about disclosing the secrets stored inside this cell phone it Eugene were to
really force herself into doing something that she did not want to. Eugene was not going to get by easily
if he were to decide to make things difficult for her.

‘But why would Barbara know about this?’

Looking at Katrina’s panicked expression, Barbara believed what Maisie had said even more now.

‘There’s indeed something on her phone that can be used to threaten Eugene.’

Eugene was not a fool either. He had realized the minor changes in Katrina’s expression, so he
requested Katrina to hand over her cell phone, but Katrina refused. It was until Barbara asked the
bodyguard to subdue her on the floor. Katrina resisted fiercely. “Yelena Chase, what in the world are
you trying to do? Since you know what I keep on my phone, how dare you do this? Aren’t you afraid
that I’ll-”

Her warning was interrupted with a question. “Are you sure that there is something on your phone that

you can use to threaten me?”

Katrina was startled again.

The bodyguard snatched her phone, questioned her forcibly for the password to unlock it, unlocked the
device, and handed it to Barbara. Barbara looked through the list of videos, however, she did not watch
any of them but handed the phone to Eugene. “Mr. Boucher, do you want to watch them yourself?”

Eugene grabbed the phone.

Katrina shouted. “No!”

Unfortunately, Eugene had already tapped on a video, and the unbearable voices that came out of the
loudspeaker caught him off guard. They were his and her voice.

Even Samantha’s expression changed at that moment. It now looked rather awkward.

Eugene was stunned in place, and his aura became gloomier and gloomier as time went by.

Eugene threw her phone to the ground exasperatedly. He threw it so harshly that the screen of the
phone shattered. His eyes looked bloodshot due to rage as he walked up to Katrina and pulled her hair
hysterically.” B*tch! How dare you record these videos secretly? Did you plan to use them to threaten
me when the time was right?”

Those videos had undoubtedly piqued Eugene and crossed his bottom line.

Once these videos were spread, let alone his reputation, he might not even be able to keep his title as
one of the Bouchers. After all, the Bouchers would never allow such a scandal that would corrupt the
family to exist.

Katrina’s scalp was in agony, and she burst into tears but was not reconciled. “Nobody asked you not
to marry me! Eugene Boucher, you ungrateful b*stard, all you’ve done is play with my feelings!”

Eugene got up, lifted his foot, and kicked her to the bottom of the table.

The kick hit Katrina in her lower abdomen, so she twitched in pain as she crawled on the floor, and her
messy hair was covering her flustered face,

She glared at Barbara murderously. “It’s you! It’s you who wanted to bring this upon me!”

Barbara looked at her. “All I’ve done is only give you a taste of your own medicine, isn’t it? You’ve been
threatening my father with that video recording for so many years, and now that you’ve lost the video,
what else will you use to blackmail him?”

Barbara did not say anything else and left Stanford Manor with her men.

Maisie was right. Having one’s revenge did not mean that they had to do it through their own efforts. As
long as Eugene was informed about the secrets that were stored in Katrina’s cell phone, he would
know that Katrina also possessed his filthy little secrets. Thus, instead of wanting to know who had
used the videos to smoke him out, what he cared more about was Katrina’s plan to set him up.’

As such, Barbara did not even need to do anything herself. Eugene would do it for her sooner or later.

Katrina wanted to explain, but the pain that she felt all over her body made it difficult for her even to
catch her breath. Not to mention the panic that she was going through when she saw Eugene’s gloomy

She crawled to Samantha’s feet and asked her for help. However, all Samantha did was give her a
profound glare. She then took a few steps backward, turned around, and left.

Barbara was about to get in the car when Samantha stopped her. “Ms. Chase, please stay for a

She turned around and faced Samantha with a smile.” Mrs. Boucher.”

Samantha lowered her gaze. “You’re the one who asked me to come to Stanford Manor. What’s the
purpose of getting me here to witness this whole farce live?”

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