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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 675

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Chapter 675

Samantha was stunned. She looked at him in disbelief as he grabbed her by her neck. Even though he
did not exert much force, she still felt suffocated

He asked, “Did you expose the things between Katrina and me just to force me to sign the divorce

Samantha laughed. “Do you think I’m the one who did it?”

Eugene did not say anything in return.

At the same time, a woman came in with two bodyguards. She was none other than Barbara.

Katrina was stunned when she saw Barbara. “Yelena?”

Yelena was Barbara’s name before changing it. No one was more familiar with Barbara’s face than

“You’ve returned?”

It went without saying that Eugene knew Yelena was a member of the Chases. It was just that he did
not expect her to show up here.

Barbara was not afraid at all when she saw Eugene. She ignored Katrina and said to Eugene, “I heard
that you’re looking for the person who exposed your scandal, Mr. Boucher?”

After hearing what she said, Eugene looked at her suspiciously and replied, “Don’t you think you’re

a little bit too nosy, Ms. Chase?” “Really? I don’t think so.” Barbara chuckled. “After all, Mrs. Boucher
isn’t the one who exposed your scandal, Mr. Boucher.”

“What do you mean?” Eugene’s face sank. Even though he was not afraid of the Chases, he couldn’t
fall out with them entirely. After all his father, Richard, was Barbara’s grandfather’s colleague in the
authorities. Barbara replied calmly, “I’m the one who did it.”

Eugene was stunned.

Katrina got up from the floor. Her pretty features were contorted into a grimace of anger as she
shouted, “So it’s you, Yelena. You’re the one behind all of this!”

Barbara helped Samantha get to her feet and stood beside her. She said, “I just can’t take it when a
husband abandons his wife for another woman, so I decided to do Mrs. Boucher a favor.”

Eugene laughed coldly. “Who do you think you’re to poke your nose into my family affairs, huh?”

“Well, it’s true that I don’t have the right to poke my nose into your family affairs,” Barbara replied. “But
your mistress over there is related to the Chases. I’m sure you’re aware of it, right?”

Eugene was stumped.

“What do you mean by that, Yelena?” Katrina shouted


Barbara walked up to Katrina and said, “You think you have something in your hand that you could use
to threaten me, so you’re willing to become Eugene’s mistress in order to become one of the Bouchers
and get revenge on the Chases. Did you think I’d give you a chance?”

Katrina wanted to grab her collar, but the two bodyguards at the back prevented her from doing so.

She then pounced toward Eugene and complained, her mouth pouting. “Did you hear that, Eugene?
She’s the one behind everything. You must do something to her!”

However, Eugene did not say anything.

Although he had been looking for the person that exposed the relationship between him and Katrina,
his objective was not to get rid of her but to squeeze the last bit of worth out of Katrina. It was just that
he did not expect Barbara would show up and admit it herself. Barbara laughed and looked at Eugene,
whose face was dark. “Mr. Boucher, you’re one of the Bouchers, and I’m sure you don’t want to get
fooled by a woman, right?” “Yelena!” Katrina shouted at her furiously, “What do you mean by that? Are
you saying that I’m fooling Eugene?” “Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you show Mr. Boucher your
phone?” Barbara said as she stared at Katrina coldly. Katrina’s face turned pale when she heard the
word “phone” out of Barbara’s mouth.

Eugene suddenly grabbed her arm. “What is in your phone?” . Katrina’s body trembled, and she
averted her gaze guiltily. “No-Nothing. There’s nothing in my phone!”

Barbara pressed on. “Is it nothing, or are you afraid to show it to Mr. Boucher?”


Katrina jerked her head around, and she was stunned when she met Barbara’s eyes. There was
nothing but confidence on Barbara’s face, and it seemed to her that she knew about the things in her
phone. Katrina’s brain went blank.

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