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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 687

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Chapter 687

Nolan stood out from the crowd, looking dashing with his handsome face. Colton looked exactly like
him, attracting everyone’s attention.

Lisa got close to Daisie’s ear. “Daisie, your brother really is as handsome as your father.”

Daisie happily giggled. “Of course, I wasn’t making this up.”

Most of her classmates hadn’t seen their parents. Now that they both showed up at the parent-teacher
meeting, Daisie was going to show them off to the annoying people!

Daisie ran toward Nolan. “Daddy!”

Nolan picked her up. “I didn’t break my promise, did I?”

Daisie shook her head and hugged his neck. “I’m so happy that you came with Mommy!”

Colton glared at her. “You’re too big to be carried by Daddy.”

Daisie made a face.

Nolan’s status made him look too flashy. Some parents could recognize him and politely greeted them.

Maisie crossed her arms and stood under a tree, knowing that Nolan was probably still angry about the

photos and was ignoring her, but she wasn’t worried either.

She turned toward the corridor of the classrooms and seemed to have seen someone familiar. She
paused, then immediately hurried toward that building.

When Nolan was speaking to some of the parents, he noticed that Maisie had left.

Maisie arrived in the corridor, where a man was speaking to the director. After the director left, Maisie
walked toward the man. “Joe?”

Joe stopped in his tracks, turned around, and looked surprised. “Maisie?”

Maisie was right. She walked forward. “Why are you at the school?”

Joe Watson was the coroner at Bassburgh’s Judicial Appraisal Center. Her falsified DNA report had
been thanks to him, but more importantly, Joe, Maisie, and Ryleigh were friends from high school.

He smiled. “I’ve long quit my job at the Judicial Appraisal Center. I’m an English teacher now. Your son
and daughter attend this school, right?”

Maisie nodded. “Are you their teacher?”

“Yes, I recognized them immediately,” Joe said, then suddenly asked, “By the way, how has Ryleigh
been recently? Is she engaged?”

Maisie pressed her lips together, then looked down. She had noticed that Joe had a crush on Ryleigh
long ago. However,

Joe had started working at the Judicial Appraisal Center and gotten busy after graduating from
university, so they had fallen out of touch.

Joe understood something and nodded, “It’s nothing, a s long as she’s happy.”


Daisie ran over and hugged her waist. She wanted to announce that her mother was taken and that no
other man should get close to her, but she was stunned upon seeing it was Joe. “Mr. Watson?”

Daisie quite liked the gentle Mr. Watson, but why was i thim?

Joe gently bent lower and said to her, “Hello, Ms. Vanderbilt.”

Daisie hesitated. “Mr-Mr. Watson, do you know my mommy?”

Maisie knew she had shown up because of Nolan, so she hugged her shoulder. “Mr. Watson, your
godmother, and I are friends from high school.”

Daisie replied with an “Oh”.

‘That’s it.

‘Mr. Watson met Mommy earlier than Daddy, and Mr. Watson is so gentle. Even though he isn’t as
handsome as Daddy, he is still good-looking. If mommy dated Mr. Watson in school, wouldn’t Daddy be
in trouble!?’

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