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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 691

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Chapter 691

Nolan subconsciously secured her tightly in his arms as he pressed his warm lips on her forehead.

Two days later, the name “Maizie” appeared on Google Trends as expected. The news about Maizie
being beaten up by someone’s “first wife” on the street was widely discussed amongst the socialites.

Maisie shut her phone down and set it aside. Someone knocked on the door, and Maisie lifted her
head. It was one of her female employees, and she said, “Come in.”

The female employee came in with a document in her hand. “Ms. Vanderbilt, a model wishes to
become the spokesperson for our line of jewelry that is dedicated to couples. Here is her profile that
they sent us.”

Maisie took over the document, and she was slightly surprised when she saw who she was.

The name on the profile was none other than Xyla Mayweather. The woman in the photo had a highly
recognized face. Although she wasn’t someone who was stunningly beautiful at first glance, her
appearance was unforgettable.

Her official height was 5’7. She was considered tall and was a perfect match for Louis, who stood at

However, Maisie wondered why she wanted to become the spokesperson for Soul as soon as she

came back from overseas.

The female employee asked, “Are you going to sign her?”

Maisie placed her profile back into the document and said, “Tell them that I still need some time to

After the female employee left and just when Maisie was about to start doing her work, a tall and
eyecatching figure appeared outside of the door.

Maisie was stunned. “Cousin?”

I just received his ex-girlfriend’s profile, and now he’s here? What a coincidence.’

Louis stepped into the office and said, “I just had something for you.”

Smiling, Maisie replied, “What a coincidence. Xyla just sent in her profile and requested to be the
spokesperson for Soul. If my memories serve me right, she’s your ex-girlfriend, right?”

Louis was stunned for a moment. Although he tried his best to keep himself calm, Maisie could still
notice the hint of panic from his face. “She wants to become the spokesperson for Soul Jewelry?”

Maisie rested her chin on her hand and replied, “You still can’t forget her?”

“Nope,” Louis replied without any hesitation. He paused for a long while before adding, “It’s none of my
business whether or not she wants to be the spokesperson for your company.”

“The line she is interested in is the jewelry for couples. What if she wants to work with you?” Maisie
asked as she looked fixedly at Louis.

Although Louis was her cousin, Ryleigh was her bestie, so she figured that she needed to sound him
out first.

Louis chuckled and replied, “Except for the time you asked me for help three years ago, I won’t take
any more endorsements , and I won’t do it this time either, okay?”

Knowing that Louis had realized her intention, Maisie did not say anything anymore. She picked up a
document and asked,” By the way, did you want to see me for something?”

Louise sat on the couch in front of him. “I just wanted to ask you about the matter of Ryleigh getting
kicked out of the club in university.”

Maisie stopped flipping through the document. She lifted her head and looked at him. “How did you
know that?”

Louis looked at her calmly and replied, “I’ve run a background check on her. I know she was the
president of the orchestra club when she was in university.”

Maisie fell silent. Ryleigh wasn’t only good in altercations. She seemed like a loser who was good at
nothing, but in fact, she was talented in art.

It was only because of the incident back in university that she had been dispirited for so many years.

If that incident had not happened, Ryleigh would have been a national-level musician by now that could
stand toe-to-toe with Louis, who also came from a musical family.

Maisie had not been surprised when she first learned of the marriage between the Hills and the

After all, the Hills and the Lucases had been on good terms for years, and secondly, Ryleigh and Louis
were considered to be in the same circle.

Maisie took a deep breath and asked, “You didn’t mention it in front of Ryleigh, did you?”

“Nope. I tried to, but she seemed rather not happy about it,” Louis said. “In fact, I’ve watched her
performance before.”

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