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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 697

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Chapter 697

“However, I want to know why you would choose to collaborate with Soul Jewelry, a brand that’s still a
novice in this field? You obviously have a lot of better choices.”

Xyla looked at Maisie. “Because I like Soul Jewelry’s design inspiration. I can see the “soul” that your
jewelry designs possess as l’ ve seen the masterpieces that you put out while you were working for
Luxella before this. They look and feel different from those ” soulless” pieces that only had magnificent-
looking shells.”

Maisie lowered her gaze and chuckled. “It’s my honor to be able to meet you. You definitely know how
to appreciate my designs, Ms. Mayweather.”

Xyla smiled. “Of course, but there’s another reason.”

Maisie narrowed her eyes as Xyla said meaningfully, “I heard that Louis made an exception to shoot a
promotional advertisement for Soul Jewelry three years ago. A brand that Louis endorses won’t be bad,

Maisie and Xyla exchanged gazes.

“She just disclosed that the other reason she’s chosen to go into a collaboration with Soul is Louis’s
previous endorsement from three years ago. It seems that she’s bringing this up deliberately just to
remind me of her

previous relationship with Louis.

‘My relationship with the de Armas hasn’t been made public. No one knows that I’m Louis’ cousin
except those people that are close to me.

‘On the other hand, she seems so open and honest while she admitted the real reason she has chosen
to collaborate with us, and she doesn’t even sound aggressive when saying so. It’s obvious that she
doesn’t think of me as her rival in love.

‘Even if she doesn’t know about my relationship with Louis, she should know about Nolan and me as
long as she surfs the Internet

Maisie pretended to be surprised. “I heard that Mr.

Lucas has an ex-girlfriend who works as a model. It seems that you’re her, Ms. Mayweather.”

Xyla sounded neither humble nor arrogant. “Not many people know about my past relationship with
Louis, but you’re the missus of the Goldmanns, so you should be able to meet Louis quite frequently.
By the way. I heard that Louis has gotten engaged, and his fiancee is the daughter of the Hills?”

“Ms. Mayweather, you do still care a lot about your ex’s affairs, huh?” Maisie rubbed her fingers as she
looked seemingly nonchalant.

Xyla blinked. “Of course. He was the one who broke up with me back then, causing me heartbreak.
That’s why I’m here to stay this time around.”

She asked her assistant for the document and placed it on the desk as she said that. “After I sign the
contract and get into a collaboration with Soul Jewelry, I can guarantee that your company will see its
highest sales volume within a year. Not to mention that I won’t even ask for a higher payment, I’ll only
ask your party for 15% of my ordinary advertising fees. And I only ask for one condition in return…”

Xyla left Soul Jewelry with her assistant, and Maisie was still sitting on the couch with an indifferent

An employee then entered the lounge. “Ms. Vanderbilt, since Ms. Mayweather is willing to lower her
terms, would you like to think about it?”

‘Xyla is a well-known supermodel, and she has already set foot in the entertainment industry. It’s said
that she has already gotten her hands on all the resources that she can find in the industry. If she were
to collaborate with Soul, it’d indeed bring the company a lot of popularity and sales.


Maisie pursed her lips tightly.

‘She wants me to get Ryleigh to cancel her engagement with Louis:

She raised her hand to cover her eyes and brows and stared at the document on the desk through the
seam in between her fingers.

‘It’s no wonder Xyla would find her way to Soul as soon as she returned to Zlokova. She already knows
about my identity and has already looked into Louis and Ryleigh’s engagement. Naturally, she knows
that I’m Ryleigh’s best friend.

‘She’s named such attractive terms and conditions deliberately as if she’s trying to sell me a huge
favor, but in fact, she’s trying to

start a rivalry against Ryleigh.

The employee next to her whispered, “Ms. Vanderbilt?”

Maisie returned to her senses, put the document on the desk away, and stood up. “It’s truly rare for her
to name such fascinating terms, but.”

She stopped by the employee’s side and handed the document to her. “Soul will not be led by the nose
by someone else. Get someone to inform Ms.

Mayweather, saying that if she plans to collaborate with us because of personal reasons, I’m afraid that
I can’t accept her offer.”.

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