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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 694

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Chapter 694

Ryleigh chased her father to the door and shouted” Dad!”

However, Russell paid her no mind. He went back into his room and locked the door.

Louis stayed in the study room and looked at Ryleigh, who was standing outside. After a short while,
Ryleigh stormed in and grabbed him by his collar, “What the hell do you want, Louis? How dare you
investigate m e?”

Louis replied calmly, “Do you have any secrets that can’t be known to others?”

Ryleigh did not say anything in return.

He removed her hand and dusted his collar. After that, he rose to his feet and looked down at her. “Do
you think it’s your fault for what happened that year?”

Ryleigh froze. She clenched her fists tightly and asked, “What do you mean?”

Louis leaned closer to her and said, “I don’t believe that you’re that kind of person.”

After that, he left the study room, leaving Ryleigh to stand frozen stiff on the spot as she was
overwhelmed by a surge of despair. At Blackgold…

Maisie passed by the reception desk. The staff at the front desk already knew her identity, and she
greeted her warmly, “You’ve come, Mrs. Goldmann. Mr. Goldmann is in his office.”

She smiled at her and nodded. “Thank you.”

Maisie walked toward the office and knocked on the door. After getting permission, she pushed the
door open and saw Nolan was reading a document in his chair.

He did not raise his head, so he thought she was Quincy. He said, “Please help me to inform them that
I’m not going to the event tonight. I don’t like that kind of occasion.”

Maisie walked toward the desk and leaned forward.” Why, though?”

Stunned, Nolan closed the document and raised his head. “Zee?”

Maisie got up and sat beside the desk. “Are you surprised?”

He put the document on the desk, got up to his feet, walked around the desk, and stopped in front of
her.” Are you here to entertain me?”

‘Entertain me…’

Nolan was stunned as soon as the words slipped past his lips. He did not expect himself to say
something like that. It just came out of his mouth naturally.

Maisie stroked his cheek and said, “Well, you caught me.”

Nolan grabbed her wrist and put her palm against his cheek, “Did… Did I always say something like
that in the past?”

Blinking her eyes, Maisie replied, “Do you want to hear a joke, Nolan?”

Nolan lifted his eyebrows and looked at her.

“There was a sugar cube walking in the north pole. It felt so cold, and then it…”

“It turned into an ice cube?” Nolan rubbed his chin against her palm and finished her sentence. There
was a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

Maisie withdrew her hand and said, “A cabbage was taking off its clothes as it walked…”

Nolan chimed in again and said, “And then it was gone.”

Maisie frowned. “Have you gotten your memories back?”

He kissed her and replied, “I was exposed to these dry jokes in high school.”

Maisie was rendered speechless.

‘Then why didn’t he know the answer back then?’ Maisie thought.

However, she soon found the reason why. After all, he now only had the memories of the things that
had happened before he was 17, so of course, he could remember the things that happened in his high
school better.

Maisie jumped down from the desk and stood in front of him. “This is so boring.”

Nolan grabbed her into his arms and buried his head in her shoulder. “Did you tell me these dry jokes in
the past as well, Zee?”

“Yeah,” Maisie replied.

He turned her over and forced her to meet his gaze. “I can remember some of it.”

Nolan scratched the tip of her nose with his finger and asked, “What brought you here today? Is it
because you miss me too much

Maisie turned her face sideways and said, “Yeah. But I don’t miss you anymore.”

He chuckled deeply at her answer.

Quincy knocked on the door, and Maisie pushed Nolan away. When Quincy entered the office, he was
taken aback slightly when he saw Maisie. “I didn’t know you were here too, Ms. Vanderbilt.”

An impish smile appeared on Maisie’s face as she said, “Mr. Goldmann said he’ll attend the dinner

Nolan pinched her cheek and sighed exasperatedly.” You really are one naughty woman.”

Maisie smiled at him and replied, “It’s okay. You can go to entertain your client.”

Then, she went closer to him and whispered into his ear. “However, come back early. I’ll be waiting for
you at home, and then we’ll take a bath together.”

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