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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 698

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Chapter 698

Barbara and Ryleigh were shopping for luxury goods, and Ryleigh was absent-minded throughout the
whole process. Barbara had to call her out a few times before she responded.

“What’s on your mind?”

Ryleigh curled her lips and rubbed her stomach all of a sudden. “I’m hungry. Shall we go for dinner

Barbara laughed. “Didn’t we just eat at noon?”

She was flustered for a moment. “Is that so?”

Barbara’s cell phone rang when she was about to say something. She then picked up the call when
she saw that it was from Maisie. “Ryleigh and I are in the mall now. She? Her phone ran out of battery
and died.


Barbara ended the call with a troubled expression on her face after the exchange of a few more

Thus, Ryleigh asked, “What happened? Why did Zee call you?”

Barbara lifted her eyelids, looked at her, and placed her hand on Ryleigh’s shoulder. “You’re in trouble.”

Ryleigh looked puzzled.

Barbara and Ryleigh rushed to Soul Jewelry

Ryleigh had already learned about the situation

through the phone, so she asked as soon as she entered the room through the door, “Xyla
Mayweather, what does she mean?”

Maisie was sitting on the couch and took a sip of coffee. “What I told you is what she means. The only
condition that she’s named to get her to collaborate with Soul is for me to get you to cancel your
marriage engagement with Louis.”

She then put down the cup. “She doesn’t plan 10 leave Zlokova again after returning here this time
around. She should have a long-term career development plan all planned out already.”

Barbara snorted. “She can’t get her mind off her ex, so she has come back here to rekindle her
relationship with Mr. Lucas now that she knows he has gotten engaged?”

After saying so, she looked at Ryleigh, who had yet to utter a single word. “Do you need me to get
someone to help you deal with this woman?”

Ryleigh crossed her arms and said disapprovingly.” Why would I need your help? Isn’t this even better?
Besides, I didn’t say that I’d definitely marry him.”

Barbara propped her elbows on her shoulders. “Don’t worry, I’ll support you no matter what’s your final

Maisie’s gaze shifted around the room and was then fixed on Ryleigh for a long time. “How this matter
will end depends solely on Louis. Xyla might not be able to

get her mind off her past relationship, but it doesn’t mean that Louis shares the same thought as she
does. And since Louis has agreed to the marriage, it means that he’s not the kind of man who would
marry a woman so casually.”

Ryleigh looked at her blankly. “Zee, since when did you start to know your cousin so well?”

She smiled. “Yesterday.”

Ryleigh stopped talking.

As soon as the word “yesterday” was mentioned, she could not help but think of what Louis had said
the previous night, and it felt extremely irritable.

At that moment, on the other side of the city…

Xyla came to the Royal Academy of Music, and an academic staff member brought her to the
performance hall.

While in the corridor, they could already hear the melodious violin that originated from the hall.

The huge performance hall was empty, and the lights were very dim. There was only a bright white
spotlight on the stage, and it was pointing at the man in white, who was playing the violin.

Louis was tall, and his tall and straight back was reflected in the mirror. The white velvet shirt was
draping against his chest, and the first two buttons from the collar were unbuttoned, which made him
look extremely flamboyant yet cold and indifferent at the same time.

He looked like a dazzling light while performing on the stage as his flawless figure found its way into
Xyla’s eyes.

‘Isn’t this the exact scene that attracted me to him on stage back then?’

Seeing the woman slowly walking onto the stage in the mirror, Louis stopped moving, and the melodic
tune stopped altogether.

He then put the violin down and turned to look at her.

Xyla’s eyes curved into two lines as she grinned.” Louis, did I catch you off guard with this surprise? I’m

Louis did not respond and walked past her.

Xyla grabbed him by his arm, but he did not look back. “You were the one who broke up with me nine
years ago. We had been in a relationship for six years back then, don’t you feel any reluctance at all?”

Louis broke his arm free of her grasp and turned to look at her with an unconcerned expression. “We
aren’t compatible.”

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