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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 700

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Chapter 700

“Xwla knows about my identity and wants to rule out the possibility I’ll stop her from making a move on
Ryleigh, so she could only swallow her pride and offer to endorse Soul to ensure I’ll choose not to
intervene in her future plots.”

Kennedy chuckled “She thought you would value your company’s benefits more than anything else.”

“What’s more, Soul is currently in development and needs to obtain more resources before it can arrive
at a spot where Xyla’s international influence will be of use to the company.”

They came to a pavilion and saw a small convenience shop nearby, so Maisie asked, “Uncle Kennedy,
would you like something to drink?

“Anything will do.”

Maisie went to the shop and bought two cans of lemon tea. But a boy came out of nowhere on a
bicycle, and he did not seem to have noticed Maisie, who suddenly walked out of the sidewalk

A silhouette dashed up to her and pulled her out of the way in an instant. At the same time, the boy fell
to the ground because of the sudden brake. He was so frightened that he started crying,

Maisie was stunned. She looked up immediately and saw Francisco.

Francisco said to the boy, “Why are you crying? Don’t you know that there are many people here? So
why would you ride so fast around this place? What would you do if you were to run into someone?”

The boy’s cry intensified, which aroused the passersby’s dissatisfaction.

“He’s still a kid. How could you scold him like this?”

“So I should condone his behavior just because he’s a kid?” Francisco’s face looked expressionless.
“You people can stand right there and comment on how strict and inhumane I am only because you’re
not the one who almost got hit by him. So are you going just i o admit that you’ve run out of luck if
you’re the one who got implicated by this boy’s recklessness?”

The passersby who spoke up for the boy seemed not to want to get into an argument with Francisco,
so all of them approached the boy instead. They then helped him up and let him off after a few words of

Francisco turned around to look at Maisie. “Little goddess, why are you here at the hospital?”

Maisie threw the question back at him. “I can ask you the same.”

“I came with my mother. She’s not feeling too well. Little goddess, are you not feeling well either?”

Maisie shook her head while Kennedy caught up to them. “Zee.” “Uncle Kennedy, I’m sorry, something
just happened, and I got held up.” Maisie handed the lemon tea in her hand to Kennedy.

Kennedy grabbed the can of lemon tea and looked at Francisco, who was standing beside her. “And
who is


Francisco sounded modest and courteous. “Hi sir, my name is Francisco Boucher, and I’m a friend of

Kennedy nodded.

Samantha appeared at this time. She was stunned at first when she saw Maisie and Kennedy but then
laughed. “It’s you.”

“Mother, do you know them?” Francisco looked shocked.

Samantha was surprised as well. After all, even her son knew them too.

After Samantha’s explanation, Francisco finally knew that his mother was Kennedy’s savior and that
Kennedy was his little goddess’s uncle.

Kennedy and Samantha had only met each other once the other night, but the two of them became
very acquainted after meeting each other again today.

Maisie and Francisco walked behind them while they were chatting with each other-that was when
Francisco approached Maisie and whispered, “Little goddess, my mother and your uncle seem to make
quite a match.”

Maisie chuckled and lowered her voice. “Now that your mother and father are divorced, you’ll hold on to
any way that can get your mother back onto the market as her son?”

Francisco crossed his arms as if he was upset as soon as Maisie mentioned his father. “That’s because
my father doesn’t know how to cherish her. A good woman like my mother deserves a better man.”

It happened that he spoke a little too loudly, and the two walking in front of them managed to hear it, so
Samantha turned around

and glared at him. “I can’t make you keep your mouth shut now, can’t I?”

Francisco got behind Maisie, smiled, and said, “Little goddess, please protect me.”

Maisie glanced at him and laughed out loud. “But aren’t you the little devil who fears no one?”

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