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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 703

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Chapter 703

Maisie saw something and pushed the gift she was holding into Nolan’s arms, “Help me take care of
this. I’ll be right back.”

Maisie walked into the corridor and saw Anthony speaking to an old man outside.

Maisie didn’t interrupt them but instead walked over after the man left. “Mr. Topaz.”

Anthony turned to look at her. “It’s you. Why aren’t you spending time with Nolan?”

Maisie smiled. “I told him I came to see you.”

He paused. “Can I help you?”

She nodded and found an excuse. “I was a student of Northwest University, and I shared classes with
your daughter Naomi. I’ve heard about you a lot earlier.”

Anthony was surprised, and his eyes turned gloomy, “Oh..”

“Even though I didn’t interact much with your daughter, I knew that she was a hardworking and positive

Anthony was moved because it had been a while since someone last spoke to him about his daughter,
and this was her coursemate. “That child really was positive.”

Maisie lowered her head. “I wasn’t trying to bring up sad memories, but you never gave up. I believe
Ms. Topaz will wake up one day.”

He nodded. “I hope so.”

“But,” Maisie paused before asking, “Did you look into her accident?”

Anthony’s face dropped. “There’s nothing to investigate. Only the Hill girl was there when my daughter
got into that accident.”

‘So it’s true…

Maisie narrowed her eyes, and something came to her mind. “Mr. Topaz, could I visit Ms. Topaz if it’s
not too much trouble?

Anthony agreed

After the ball ended, Maisie and Nolan walked to the parking lot, where Quincy parked in front of them.

They got into the car.

Quincy turned around and stared at the gift in Nolan’s hand. “There’s a gift session during the charity

Nolan proudly said, “The children from the villages gave this to my wife. I’m just holding it for her.”

Maisie couldn’t help but smile when she looked at the way Nolan was protecting the gift.

The media reported about the charity event, but the donations of both Nolan and Maisie were not
announced, probably because they requested it. Still, that caught the attention and speculation of a lot
of internet users.

Maisie couldn’t care less about the comments. She arrived at the nursing home in town and checked
for the room Naomi was staying in.

The nurse brought Maisie to a VIP room. She walked in and saw that the room was warmly decorated,
and the flowers next to the bed were still fresh. It was obvious that Mr. Topaz changed them out

Naomi relied on the oxygen supplied by the machines-the ECG that rose and fell proved that she was
still alive.

A nurse around 50 years old walked in and was surprised because it was probably the first time
someone visited Naomi, Who are you?” Maisie turned around and smiled. “I’m a coursemate of Ms.
Topaz. I’ve gotten Mr. Topaz’s permission to visit her.”

The nurse was surprised. “Alright.”

Maisie put the flowers in the vase. “Have you been taking care of her all these years?”

The nurse nodded. “Yes, Mr. Topaz visits every few days, but I’m usually taking care of her. I’ve been
working here for more than 1 O years.”

Someone in a coma would require constant massaging to ensure blood circulation. The nurse helped
cut her nails and hair every now and then

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