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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 706

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Chapter 706

Maisie squinted her eyes, and the smile slowly faded from her face. “Do you think Louis will go back to
you after Ryleigh cancels their marriage?”

The emotion in Xyla’s eyes changed, but she soon calmed herself down. “I don’t think it’s your concern,
Ms. Vanderbilt. I’ve been with Louis for six years. I could get him to fall in love with me in the past, and I
can do the same in the future.”

Xyla rose to her feet and walked up to Masie. She patted her shoulder and said, “I’m looking forward to
our cooperation.”

Just when Xyla walked to the door, a voice rang out behind her. “You really don’t know Louis, do you?
Of course, you don’t know me either.”

Xyla froze.

However, she did not say anything and left in the end.

At the Royal Academy of Music…

Louis was teaching in the classroom. After the lesson was over, a couple of female students
approached him shyly to ask for advice about the finger positions.

Louis glanced at them and said, “I’ve already mentioned it before in the lesson. It’s your business if you
don’t pay attention during class. I’m not a tutor, and I don’t want this to happen next time.”

The group of students looked at each other embarrassingly as Louis exited the classroom.

“Don’t you think Professor Lucas is a little bit too harsh? Does he not know how to take care of girls?”

A female student who was familiar with Louis’ temperament looked at them and chimed in, “I suggest
you guys drop your thoughts. You should be grateful that he didn’t scold you.”

Louis was notoriously known for his strictness in the Royal Academy of Music. He had zero-tolerance
toward students who did not work hard in his lesson. He would harshly reprimand a lot of his students
whenever they did something wrong, and a lot of girls had cried because of this.

The group of girls were all new students, so they weren’t familiar with Louis. They just thought they
were lucky to have such a good-looking teacher as their instructor. If they had known that he had a bad
temper, they would never have said something like that to him.

When Louis returned to his office, a woman was sitting inside. The woman was Chenney Campbell,
one of Louis’ colleagues, as well as the instructor for the orchestra department.

Chenney looked at Louis for a long while before asking hesitantly, “All of the teachers from the music
faculty are going for a gathering tonight. Do you want to join us, Professor Lucas?”

“I’m not going,” Louis replied as he cleaned up the schoolwork on his desk.

Chenney seemed a little bit embarrassed but did not press on anymore.

Louis received a call and picked it up. “What do you want?”

Xyla was the caller, so there was a distinct tone of impatience in his voice.

Xyla smiled and said, “Do you want to join me for dinner tonight?

Perhaps she knew that Louis would turn her down, so she said, “1 ll wait for you in the usual spot. Also,
I have something that I think you would be interested in.”

Louis pondered for a while before saying yes.

In the evening, at the Goldmann mansion…

While they were having dinner, Maisie looked at the dishes and was lost in her thoughts.

Daisie and Colton raised their heads and looked at each other. They then went up to Nolan and asked,”
What’s going on with Mommy, Daddy?”

“I guess someone has offended your mom again,” Nolan replied as he put a nicely peeled lobster on
Maisie’s plate.

Colton looked at him and asked, “Is that you, Daddy?”

Nolan shot him a gloomy glance. ‘Is this kid asking for a beating?’

Maisie picked the lobster up from her plate and put it into her mouth. Then, she sighed.

Nolan looked at her helplessly and said, “Don’t be so mad, Zee. She’s just a model. We can just put
her on the blacklist.”

“Nolan.” Maisie lifted her eyes and looked at Nolan,” Even if you’re rich, you can’t simply do that. She’s
a supermodel and has a lot of fans. Many people will get angered if we put her on the blacklist.”

Nolan shrugged and replied, “So? Do you think I’d be afraid of those Internet trolls who don’t even have
the guts to reveal their real name?”

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