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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 709

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Chapter 709

“I guess it’s because Mrs. Goldmann is here. After all, she’s signed an endorsement contract with Mrs.

Goldmann, and since her boss is here, of course, she has to act like she’s being very cooperative.”

Maisie drank the water silently. It seemed to her that it was right for her to come here. If she hadn’t
come here herself, she wouldn’t be able to know everything that Xyla had been doing behind her back

She was a famous supermodel who had signed an endorsement contract with Soul Jewelry. The
magazine company that worked on the commercial had a cooperation with Soul, and the magazine
company had borrowed the shooting crew from elsewhere,

The fact that Soul was willing to spend money on her and the magazine company was willing to provide
the cover showed Xyla’s popularity and influence. Even if Xyla didn’t cooperate with the shooting
process, the shooting crew wouldn’t dare to say anything about her. However, it was very likely that
they would not accept any more Soul commercials in the future.

Xyla clearly wanted to make things hard for Maisie, and then she would use her influence to get her

If it were other jewelry companies, they might have taken her lightly and fallen into her trap.

After the shooting was over, a smile finally appeared on the film director’s darkened face,

Xyla took over a cup of coffee from her assistant. She strode toward Maisie enthusiastically and
handed the coffee to her. “Ms. Vanderbilt, you must be exhausted from coming all the way here Here is
a cup of coffee for you.”

Maisie smiled and took over the cup from Xylan. However, the coffee splashed on the ground, and
everyone turned their heads to look at them.

Xyla’s assistant hastily picked her hand up and began checking it. “Are you hurt, Ms. Mayweather?”

Xyla smiled and replied, “I’m fine.”

Her assistant then turned his head around and looked at Maisie, whose face was bereft of emotion.
“Ms. Vanderbilt, the first thing Ms. Mayweather did after coming from overseas was to sign an
endorsement contract with Soul Jewelry. However, you turned down her offer three times. I know you’re
not happy with her, but she just wanted to give you a cup of coffee. How could you make things difficult
for her?”

“That’s enough, Jason. Stop speaking, and this isn’t Ms. Vanderbilt’s fault,” Xyla put up a generous
outlook and scolded her assistant gently

Nobody knew what had happened, so the film director went forward and asked, “What’s going on?”

Xyla replied, “It’s just a misunderstanding. The coffee slipped past my hand and-” “Ms. Mayweather,”
Jason interrupted, cutting her short, “You’re a model. Your hands are as precious as your legs. What if
the wound on your hand affects your other endorsement? I know Ms. Vanderbilt doesn’t like you. If not,
why would she reject your offer three times before letting you become the spokesperson for Soul?”

The crowd was stunned.

All of them knew that it was Xyla who had proposed herself to become the spokesperson for Soul after
returning from overseas. It was just that they did not expect that Soul had rejected her three times,

Judging from Xyla’s status in the fashion industry, it would be like a big fish in a small pond if she went
to other Jewelry companies and only Soul had what it took to reject her.

Saydie wanted to go forward, but Maisie stopped her.

She looked at Xyla with a smile on her face and talked to her in a voice that only both of them could

“Seems like I’ve underestimated you.”

Xyla pretended that she did not know what Maisie was talking about and replied, “What?”

Maisie raised her hand in the air. There was a red welt on the back of her hand. “I was the one who got
scalded. This is strange. If I didn’t like Ms.

Mayweather and intentionally spilled the coffee she

handed to me, she would be the one who got scalded:

Xyla’s hand was fine, but there was a wound on the back of Malsie’s hand.

The rest of the crew members brought a few ice cubes and a wound cream for burns. “Ms. Vanderbilt,
you should attend to your wound first.”

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