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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 708

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Chapter 708

Louis buttoned the button on his shirt and rose to his feet. “This meal is on me. Also, it’s long over
between us. No matter what the reason is for you to sign the endorsement with Soul Jewelry. just want
to tell you that nothing can affect me.”

After that, without waiting for the food to be served, he went to the counter to settle the bill and left the
restaurant without looking back.

Xyla was left sitting alone in the seat, and her hand gripping the glass was shaking slightly.

‘Nothing can affect you? Hah, are you sure about that?’ The next day…

Today was the shooting day for the commercial of the jewelry for couples. Since the commercial theme
was ” wedding,” the shooting team was going to shoot the commercial at the church and the beach.

The photoshoot was done with Nathan Hayes, another male artist, since this jewelry line was dedicated
to couples.

The shooting crew was cross-checking the script with Nathan in the booth. The producer had brought
Nathan into the crew. He was not an A-tier artist, and he had only made his debut just a few years ago.
He usually played as the affectionate second male lead in various dramas. He had great acting skills,

coupled with his good looks, many people were able to remember his face.

Nathan was experienced in acting and was used to memorizing scripts, so it was a piece of cake for
him to memorize a few lines for the commercial.

When the film director did not see Xyla, he looked around and asked, “Where’s Ms. Mayweather?”

Someone replied, “Ms. Mayweather is still putting on her makeup.”

The director looked at his watch and said, “It has been a few hours, and she isn’t done with her
makeup yet?”

Xyla was an A-tier international supermodel. In other words, she shared the same reputation as some
of the top artists in their country. Besides, her father was the director of Royal Crown. Therefore,
nobody dared to treat her lightly.

However, the director obviously had run out of patience. He said, “Send someone to tell her to hurry u
p. The weather is good now. We should seize the opportunity and finish the shooting as soon as

A crew member went to do the bidding. Then, Xyla’s assistant came over with the crew member. He
seemed not to be in a hurry at all as he said matter-of-factly, “What’s wrong with you guys waiting for
Ms. Mayweather for a while? She still needs some time for preparation. Besides, it’s still early. We still
have a lot of time, so why are you in such a hurry?”

The remaining crew members fell silent, and their faces sank when they heard what the assistant had

The film director’s facial expression gradually stiffened. He was furious but didn’t dare to lash out at her
because her father was the director of Royal Crown.

Suddenly, a voice rang out from afar.

“This is the first day of our cooperation, and she isn’t cooperating at all. Go back and ask Xyla what she
really means.”

Everyone looked toward the source of the voice.

It was Maisie, and Saydie was walking next to her with her hands on her back. Her gaze was so cold
that it sent a chill down Xyla’ s assistant’s spine.

The rest of the people were not surprised that Maisie wasn’t afraid of Xyla at all. After all, both Royal
Crown and Soul Jewelry were companies under the Blackgold Group. Besides, she was Nolan’s wife,
so there was no way she would be afraid of her.

When Xyla appeared, she asked her assistant to apologize to the shooting crew. Then, she walked to
the crowd and said, “I’m

sorry. My assistant didn’t express it clearly. It’s my fault, and you all have misunderstood. I was
memorizing the lines at the back since this is the first time I’m working with someone on a commercial.
I don’t want to be a drag for Mr. Hayes.”

The atmosphere lightened up a bit after her explanation.

Maisie looked at her for a long while before she smiled and walked toward the booth.

Xyla was very cooperative throughout the entire shooting process.

A crew member handed Maisie a bottle of water.

Maisie took over the bottle of water and thanked the crew member. When she twisted open the bottle,
she heard some of them talking behind her.

“This model is such a poser. She deliberately held us out by saying that she hadn’t completed her
makeup yet this morning, and now, she’s acting like she’s so cooperative.”

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