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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 707

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Chapter 707

Maisie was amused by him. This was indeed something that would come out of his mouth after he lost
his memory.

Daisie chimed in and asked, “What are internet trolls?”

Maisie explained, “Like those people who scolded you and brother in the past. They’re known as the
Internet trolls.”

“Oh i see.” Daisie replied.

Nolan placed his hand on the back of Maisie’s hand and asked, “So you’ll let her be the

Maisie shrugged, ‘Yeah, there’s nothing I can do about it. She has come to me so many times, and it
will bring bad influence to Soul if I refuse to let her be the spokesperson.”

Nolan’s eyes turned cold. “Soul Jewelry is a company under the Blackgold Group right now. I’m sure
there’s nothing she can do about it if you tell her that Blackgold doesn’t want her to be the
spokesperson for Soul.”

Not wanting Nolan to do anything stupid, Maisie hastily stopped him. “Darling, leave this to me. Don’t
worry. I won’t let her have her ways.

Nolan pinched her cheek. “Alright then, I’ll leave her in your hands. However, if she still doesn’t stop

causing trouble, I’ll step in.”

Maisie blinked and leaned toward him. “Okay. I love you so much, my dear darling.”

Both Daisie and Colton shook their heads speechlessly as they looked at the pair of lovebirds in front of

At Orbit Restaurant…

Xyla was pouring wine into a glass. She had only put on light makeup as she knew that Louis did not
like women to put on heavy makeup. Here you go. I still remember that white wine is your favorite.”

Louis lifted his eyes to look at her and said, “What is the thing that you want to tell me?”

“Are you in a hurry?” Xyla picked the glass up and swirled it. “Or you just don’t want to stay with me for
one more second?”

Louis leaned toward the back of the chair and replied,” I don’t have that much spare time.”

Xyla chuckled. “But you have that spare time to entertain Ryleigh?”

Louis’s face was bereft of any emotion, and his gaze was cold. “I’ll ask you one more time. What’s the
thing that you want to tell me?”

“I’ve become the spokesperson for Soul Jewelry. Don’t you think you should congratulate me?”

Louis’s expression finally changed, but he still kept

his cool.

Xyla took a sip from the wine and looked at him fixedly, “I won’t give up.”

She put the glass on the table and continued. “Mr.

Goldmann’s wife isn’t that difficult to deal with. It’s just that I didn’t expect she would be so protective of
her friend. But it doesn’t matter. I can bring profits to Soul Jewelry. After learning what I can bring for

her, between friends and profits, I think she will choose the profits, right?”

Louis looked at her gloomily before suddenly laughing.

“You still haven’t changed after all these years,” Louis commented. He picked up the glass of wine and
placed it near his nose. “You’re too full of yourself, Xyla.”

He did not drink the wine and put the glass back on the table. “White wine used to be my favorite, but
it’s already in the past.”

Xyla’s fingers turned slightly white as she gripped the stem of the glass harder. She gazed at Louis
fixedly. From what Louis had told her, she knew that the man in front of her had changed. He was no
longer the man he once was.

She pressed her lips tightly and suddenly laughed.” Have you ever thought of me after all these years?”

“It was a mistake for me to give you hope in the first place,” Louis replied.

He shouldn’t have given her any hope at all.

Xyla froze, and a hint of surprise crossed her eyes. She did not say anything for a long while, and only
after calming herself down did she ask, “Did you regret it?”

“Yes,” Louis replied without any hesitation.

This was something that Xyla had expected, so she was able to stay calm. If it were other people, they
might start throwing a tantrum and making a scene, but she did not do that.

Perhaps all models had to take care of their facial expressions. She would never allow herself to lose
control in front of a camera, let alone in a public place.

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