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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 710

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Chapter 710

Xyla was stunned.

Jason then said begrudgingly, “What do you mean by that? Are you saying that Ms. Mayweather
should be the one who got scalded?”

“That’s enough, Jason.” Xyla went forward and stopped him. She did not want to make a big deal out o

She paced toward Maisie and said, “I’m sorry, Ms.

Vanderbilt. It was my mistake. My assistant is just worried about me, so please don’t take everything he
said to your heart.”

“But it was him who said I dislike you and rejected you three times. Anyway, I’m sure you know better
than anyone why I rejected you, Ms. Mayweather.”

Xyla did not expect that Maisie would admit she had rejected her three times. After all, it would give
people some room for imagination after what Jason had said.

However, since Maisie had admitted it herself, it would become her problem instead.

Maisie and Xyla were unwilling to back down. In the end, Xyla said, “I’ll educate my assistant and won’t
let him talk nonsense in the future.”

After the “farce” ended, Saydie sent Maisie back to Soul Jewelry by car.

She looked toward the back through the rear mirror and asked, “What does that woman want? It seems
to me that she doesn’t play dirty for nothing.”

Saydie knew what Xyla was doing, but she couldn’t understand it.

Maisie lowered her head to look at the red welt at the back of her hand. “It seems to me that she can’t
wait any longer.”

Xyla had her own motive for signing the endorsement contract with Soul. She had deliberately delayed
the shooting process to leave a bad impression on the magazine company so that they wouldn’t easily
cooperate with Soul. As such, she could arrange her resources for herself.

She had deliberately spilled the coffee to make people think that Soul had rejected her three times
because they didn’t like her, creating a rumor that Soul looked down on an “A-list supermodel”

Xyla had been under the impression she could force Maisie into submission because she knew about
Ryleigh’s “secret.” She was betting on whether Maisse would care about Ryleigh’s “secret” and go
against her.

Apparently, Xyla did not want Maisie to step into the relationship between her, Ryleigh, and Louis.
Maisie was pretty certain that Louis had said something to her. That’s why she was being so impatient.
Ergo, she was using this kind of method that would bring more harm than benefit to herself to force her
to “persuade”

Ryleigh to cancel her marriage with Louis.

“Will it affect Soul?” Saydie asked.

Maisie looked outside through the mirror and said,” Since she wants to create a rumor, I’ll give her the
chance then.”

This time, she was going the other way round.

In the afternoon, the topic #Soul Jewelry Rejected Xyla Three Times# appeared in Google Trends.

Many people clicked on it, and it became one of the hottest topics on the Internet. Most of the people
who supported Xyla were her fans.

#They rejected Xyla, yet they still want to take advantage of her popularity.#

#If you don’t like Xyla, then don’t sign an endorsement contract with her.#

#No offense, but who do Soul Jewelry think they are? They’re just relying on Mr. Goldmann!#

#This literally disgusts me. I hope they shut down the entire company.#

Jason was stunned. “I didn’t do it. You told me not to publish it, so how is there any chance I would
publish it?”

Xyla knew Jason very well, so she believed him. There was no way he would publish something like
this without her permission, so who was it?

Could it be the people from the shooting crew?

Xyla had no other choice but to calm herself down. After all, exposing these things was not beneficial to
her. Maisie was Nolan’s

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