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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 717

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Chapter 717

Xyla’s hand that was placed on the table balled into a fist. “But you can persuade her.”

“Even if I could convince Ryleigh to cancel her wedding with Louis, would he agree?”

Her question caught Xyla’s tongue, but Maisie slowly continued. “I think you’ve had a discussion with
Louis about this.

What did he say? Did he agree?”

Xyla was still quietly looking at Maisie without saying a word.

Maisie played with the cutlery on the table. “Relationships shouldn’t be forced. If you’re confident that
Louis will fall for you, you shouldn’t put so much effort into someone.”

Maisie pressed her lips together and saw that there were new messages, all from Nolan. “I have to
have dinner with my husband. Would you like to join us?”

Xyla paused, then smiled. “No thanks.”

Maisie got up and walked to the doorway. Xyla suddenly asked, “Were you the one who arranged for
the trending article?”

Maisie turned around and looked at her.” I’m just telling you through my actions that Soul has never
been afraid of rumors, so there’s no need to care.”

Maisie returned to the private room. Nolan was having a glass of wine at the table. All the food was
there, but he hadn’t started.

She smiled before sitting next to him and leaning over. “Why aren’t you eating yet?”

He put down the glass and said, “I want to dine with you.”

Maisie laughed. He should just say that he lost his appetite without her around.

“I’m sorry you have to wait so long.” Maisie served him some soup and put it in front of him.

Nolan put some of it on his plate with a spoon. “It’s not as good as the ones I make.”

Maisie looked at him. “Picky!”

“Do you want to try it?”

“Try what?” Maisie didn’t react in time.

Nolan drank the soup and put his hand behind her head to feed the soup through her lips.

Some of the soup came out of the corner of her lips. She pushed him away and scolded him while
laughing, “Nolan, you’re such an *ssh*le!

Maisie picked up the napkin on the table. Nolan turned her side away and licked the soup from the
corner of her lips and her neck

The warmth of his fingers touched her skin. His eyes stared at her, and the air was heavy while he
lowered his voice. “You’re clean


Maisie looked away and redirected his attention, or they might not get to eat.

She took some food. “This isn’t our home. You should behave.”

Nolan lazily leaned back on the back of the chair, then unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt. He did it
slowly, deliberately, and his eyes were filled with obvious desire, sexy and tempting.

Maisie avoided his gaze, but he leaned closer, his breath blowing on her ear as he gently called, “Zee.

He held her face with his fingers, but he kissed her before she could speak.

Luckily, no server walked in at that moment. Maisie was brought to shore after she was drowning, then
she leaned on Nolan with no energy

Nolan moved the hair on the neck away and looked at her pink face with a smile.” Did you enjoy the
pre-dinner dessert?”

Maisie hummed, ignoring him.

Nolan hugged her tighter with his arm, kissed her hair, and smiled. “I love it.”

It was almost 8:00 pm when they got back to the Goldmann mansion. Since the two children were
spending their holidays at Titus’ place, and the helpers were on vacation, they were left alone.

Maisie got out of the shower when her phone screen lit. She picked up and couldn’t help but frown,

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