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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 720

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Chapter 720

That was enough to prove that Naomi hadn’t been pushed down the stairs.

Maisie thought about something when Nolan lightly kissed her forehead and ran his fingers over the
corner of her eyes, then gently said, “That was enough proof.:

She looked up. “But does Mr. Topaz know?”

Nolan squinted and said after a long time,” I’ll talk to him.”

“Thank you, dear.” Maisie hugged his waist, pressing her face to his form and warm chest.

Nolan kissed her ear and smiled. “If you really want to thank me, you should perform well tonight.”

The night covered the city.

The thick darkness was like ink dyed by the colors of the neon lights.

Xyla sat at the bar and drank. After Ryleigh’s incident was exposed, there was nothing she could
‘threaten’ Maisie with anymore.

She had personally seen that Maisie would ignore every piece of bad news.

Even for this incident, even if Maisie hadn’t done anything, Nolan had acted, and even Louis had

If Xyla had been the one who exposed the information, her future would probably have been ruined.
Still, how could she let go if she couldn’t get a reaction from the man that she loved?

She held her forehead, supported herself on the table, and then drank a few more glasses.

Maizie walked to the bar and placed her purse on the seats, hiding something in her eyes. “I guess you
didn’t get what you wanted

Xyla picked up the glass but scoffed without looking at her. “Have you ever won the battle with Maisie?”

The statement shut her up. Nolan had pretty much ‘killed’ her family.

Seeing that she was quiet, Xyla wasn’t surprised. “You couldn’t even handle your own issues, so don’t
even dream of dragging me along

Xyla put down the glass, left money on the bar as payment, and walked out half-drunk.

Maizie was furious.

Why are people pretending to be better than me!?’

If Xyla wouldn’t work with her, she had to help her.

Xyla walked to the parking lot drunkenly when a few young thugs walked toward her and held her
shoulder. “Are you drunk, gorgeous? Do you want us to send you home?”

Xyla was so startled she sobered up, pushed them away, and evaded, “What do you want?”

The few men looked her up and down, and it was obvious that they didn’t have good intentions. “I
heard that you’re a model. Do you want to have some fun with us?”

Xyla wanted to run, but they held her down on the ground and dragged her behind the car. She turned
pale, screamed, and fought them off with all her might, scratching the face of the men but got a mean
slap in return.

She fainted.

The men were worried that someone would walk past, so they just took her valuables and phone and

When Xyla woke up, she was in the hospital with no phone or purse. Jason Peters was sitting next to
her bed.

Seeing her open her eyes, he stood up. “Are you alright, Ms. Mayweather?”

Xyla was obviously traumatized and was still dazed. “W-Where are those men? Did they do something
to me?”

Jason was stunned and asked, “Do what?”

Xyla didn’t say anything. She felt alright, so it seemed like they hadn’t gotten what they wanted. “Who
sent me to the hospital?” she asked.

“Me, of course

Maizie appeared outside the room. “If I didn’t show up at the right time, I’m afraid

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