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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 726

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Chapter 726

Nolan looked expressionless, but the emotional turbulence surging at the bottom of his eyes looked
stern and borderline murderous. “Did you lay your fingers on my daughter?”

… I didn’t. This is all just a misunderstanding, sir. I only wanted to give Daisie some extra lessons. It’s
just that this girl was a little extreme.” Hunter tried to defend himself.

Nolan’s eyes looked gloomy, and he kept on staring at Hunter without uttering a single word, but it was
enough to send chills down Hunter’s spine.

Colton scoffed coldly. “You were clearly bullying Daisie!”

Hunter calmed himself down deep down.

Colton, what you’re saying is slandering me, your teacher!”

After Hunter tried his best to defend himself and rectify his actions, Maisie, who had been silent,
chuckled casually. “I don’t think this is a misunderstanding.”

Hunter tried his best to cover himself.” Madam, you must be able to put forward some evidence when
you say something like that

“It’s not that I don’t have any evidence. Didn’t I meet you in the back garden the other day during the
parents-teachers meeting?”

Maisie deliberately mentioned the incident that had taken place in the back garden, and it made Hunter
look extremely embarrassed as he had been wishing she would not recognize him.

She was merciless. “That child said everything out loud that day. You’re a teacher of this school, and I
don’t have to remind you what you did that day, do 1?”

The principal stared at Hunter. “What the hell did you do?”

… I’m being wrongfully accused!”

Nolan ignored all the arguments, walked up to the couch, unbuttoned his suit, and sat down. “My
daughter has been wronged in this school, and I’m not going to let this slide. Not anyone can lay any of
their fingers on my daughter.”

The principal walked up to Nolan with cold sweat beads rolling down his forehead and bowed. “Don’t
worry, Mr. Goldmann. I’ll definitely get to the bottom of this incident.”

Nolan lifted his eyelids and raised his gaze slightly. “Can I trust you with that?”

The principal was stunned for a split second and vowed. “Yes, Mr. Goldmann, please leave this to me.”

The worst outcome would be Hunter being suspended and sent back home for a certain period to keep
him out of the limelight for a while. I’ll do anything as long as these scandals can be suppressed.

Nolan’s gaze, scrutinizing him from head to toe, became more intense and terrifying.

The principal almost failed to keep himself together, and that was when Joe appeared outside the door.

He nodded to Maisie first and then claimed to the principal, “I can testify for the children.”

The principal was taken aback. “Joe, you…” When Joe walked up to the principal and said something
in his ear, the principal’s expression became even more bewildered.

Hunter glared at Joe. “What do you mean by that? What have I done to offend you that you’re doing
this to me?”

Joe turned to look at him. “You’ll be surprised by the number of people that you’ve offended in the past,
Mr. Warner.”

Hunter was at a loss for words. He then glanced at the gloomy principal and exclaimed anxiously, “Sir,
you have to believe me!”

The principal glared at Joe, and the latter reminded him with a smile, “The school won’t be responsible
for this incident. I think you must understand that.”

The principal pointed at Hunter. “You son of a b*tch! How dare you commit such a shameless act that
would put the school’s reputation at risk? The board will deal with this however they deem appropriate!

You’re on your own this time around. I don’t care anymore.”

Hunter was dumbfounded, and he began to panic. “Sir… Uncle! I’m your eldest nephew! You can’t just
leave me here!”

But no matter how Hunter tried to defend himself and claimed that he had been framed, the principal
ignored him.

Maisie took a glance at Joe and wondered what he had told the principal that made him give up his
plan to interfere in Hunter’s

affairs completely

‘I could actually see just now that the principal only wanted to cover this matter up for Hunter. After all,
it’s impossible for him not to have heard a thing about what Hunter’s been doing in the school all this
while. The only possible explanation is that he’s been turning a blind eye to Hunter’s actions.

‘Hunter is his nephew, but he didn’t dare to fool around with Nolan just now. However, everyone in
Bassburgh knows that Nolan has lost his memory, so I think he was certain Nolan wouldn’t be able to
keep a close eye on the school at all times’

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