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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 730

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Chapter 730

Eugene glanced at Kennedy, who was sitting beside Samantha, and mocked, “Oh, do you think that
another man would take you in after your divorce?”

Kennedy’s expression changed when he heard Eugene’s extremely rude comment.” Mr. Boucher, even
though Ms. Green is your ex -wife, insulting her is really not something a man should do. Is this the
upbringing of the Bouchers?”

The insinuating sarcasm infuriated Eugene. “Just who do you think you are? How dare you judge me
when I’m around?”

Samantha was well aware of Eugene’s temper and was worried that he would really make a move on
Kennedy. “Eugene Boucher, if what you aim to do here is to create a stir, then get out of here and do it
elsewhere.” “Oh, you’re already starting to defend him?” Eugene did not give in at all. He walked up to
Kennedy and grabbed him by the hem of his collar. “If you want to stand up for this woman, you’ll have
first to see just how capable you are.”

Kennedy stared directly at him with his unwavering gaze. “So are you saying that you’re going to get
physical with me now, Mr. Boucher?”

Samantha’s cheeks paled as she became a little anxious. Eugene had joined the army before this. He
had trained with the force for several years, and that had contributed to his burly stature. She had seen
him beat up a bodyguard and give him a few broken bones, and it was still a dreadful sight to her to this

‘Mr. Fannon hasn’t fully recovered yet. It’ll be impossible for him to withstand Eugene’s assault if they
get into a fight!

Samantha stepped forward and pulled Eugene away. “Let go. What do you want?”

Eugene flung his arm and pushed her away.

Samantha lost her balance and fell back onto the chair.

Maisie got up from her chair and supported her, but the four bodyguards surrounded them.

Maisie kept calm throughout the whole process. She knew that she could not act rashly when Saydie
was not present.

Kennedy grabbed Eugene’s collar with his hand. “Can you still call yourself a man when you do
something like that to a woman?”

Eugene scoffed, forcibly removed Kennedy’s hand from his collar, and flattened the folds found on the
collar.” What I do to my ex wife is none of your business. The only person that you should worry about
at this moment is yourself.”

Eugene ordered his bodyguards to make a move on Kennedy, and the bodyguards stepped forward
and grabbed him.

Samantha rushed up, pushed them away, stopped in front of Kennedy, and glared at Eugene. “Have
you lost your mind? You’re disrespecting an innocent man’s life!”

Samantha’s actions enraged Eugene, so he stepped forward, stretched out his hand, and grabbed her
hair, forcing her to face him. “B*tch, you can’t wait to find yourself another man as soon as you got the
divorce that you asked for? Why didn’t I know that you’re such a lustful sl*t?”

The humiliating words sliced through Samantha’s heart.

However, she had already gotten numb to his emotional abuse. All she could do was look back at her
young self and laugh at how she would fall for such a man and marry him in the first place,

“Your thoughts are still as filthy as ever. But allow me to remind you that what happens between other
men and me is none of your business ever since the day we got officially divorced.”

Eugene lifted his arm, and Samantha closed her eyes.

‘Anyway, this is not the first time already!

“Father!” Francisco yelled as he and Helios appeared outside the door.

Maisie was stunned when she saw Helios. ‘I did send a text to Francisco informing him about this meal,
but I didn’t expect Helios

to be here either.’

Eugene let go of Samantha and frowned. ” Why are you here?”

Francisco walked up to him and stopped in front of him. “Were you really going to hit mom if we hadn’t
come in time?”

Eugene glanced at his son and then shifted his gaze onto Helios. “Helios, this isn’t something that you
should intervene in.”

“I won’t. It’s just that, have you forgotten that promise that you made in front of Grandfather?”

Eugene’s expression changed. He was obviously thinking about what his father had said to him back

Francisco walked up to his mother and said to him, “Didn’t I tell you that since you and mother are now
divorced, you shouldn’t come to her and make her life difficult?”

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