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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 738

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Chapter 738

The blinds slowly opened, and one could see the blue sea from the room. Maisie walked into the
bedroom, which had a private garden. There were folding chairs with cushioning under the sun
umbrella and even a swing.

Nolan unbuttoned his sleeves and leaned on the door. “Do you like it?”

Maisie walked to the swing and sat down.” You’re good at picking places.”

Nolan walked behind her and bent down to hug her by the shoulders while saying in her ear, “It’s our
time alone. It should be romantic.”

In the afternoon, they both went to the restaurant. Maisie had changed into a bubble-sleeved dress in
silk with a vest on top, her skirt covering her calf.

It was a huge coincidence, but they bumped into Helios dining there as well.

Helios raised his glass and smiled at them. “If you don’t mind, let’s dine together?”

Maisie was fine with it because they knew each other. “Sure.”

She took a seat.

Nolan sat down unwillingly and raised his brows. “You’re not following us, I hope?”

Helios smiled. “Why would I follow you? Have you not seen the billboard for this hot spring resort?”

Maisie paused, then looked around, her eyes fixed on the QLED television fixed on the wall. Helios was
endorsing this resort. Nolan kept quiet. He hadn’t noticed that.

That was a mistake.

Maisie looked at Helios in awe. “Mr.

Boucher, you’ve been to this island before?”

Helios nodded. “A year ago.” “Oh.” Maisie suddenly remembered something. “By the way, where’s your
assistant?” “She had motion sickness and didn’t feel like eating, so she’s resting in her room.”

Nolan watched them having a conversation, and his face started dropping.

He finally had the chance to spend time alone with his wife, yet this third wheel appeared to interrupt
them? Nolan removed the shells of the seafood during the meal. Maisie was chatting with Helios, and
when she noticed, her plate was already full of food.

Her mouth twitched. “Nolan, I can’t eat that much.”

‘Does he think he’s feeding a pig?’

Nolan smiled. “I was worried that it wasn’t enough to stuff your mouth.”

Maisie was silent.

Helios smiled. “You’re so anxious now. You weren’t like this before.”

Nolan stared into his eyes. “Are we going to bring up the past again?”

Helios swirled his glass, then grinned. “Not if you don’t want to.”

Nolan agreed. “You should shut up.”

Maisie focused on eating her food. ‘These two childish men…’ “Mr. Boucher, are you here on

Maisie felt that he wouldn’t just be there for vacation. It was either for work or something else.

Nolan pinched her face. “Why do you care about him so much?”

Maisie slapped his hand away. “My dear, can you be less jealous?”

Nolan didn’t retort because she called him dear and stopped speaking.

Helios put down his wine glass. “I’m really not here just for vacation. I came because of an investment.”

Nolan looked at him. “You’re moving from entertainment to business now?”

Helios rolled his eyes. “It depends if there’s a business that’s worth my time. I heard that this is the
peak season for hot spring tourism here. I plan to invest.”

Maisie put her hand under her chin. “The hot spring industry is quite good. If the Vanderbilts invested
some money here, they wouldn’t have gone bankrupt.”

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