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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 742

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Chapter 742

Ryleigh’s face sank, and she harrumphed.” Who… Who the hell would peek at you when you’re using
the toilet? You must be delusional. Besides, you have nothing to look at!”

Louis replied half-heartedly. “Who knows if you want to take advantage of me or not?”

Ryleigh pointed at herself. “Me? Want to take advantage of you?”

She sneered as if she had heard the funniest joke in the world and said, “If I really want to take
advantage of you, I would have,”

He lifted his brows and interrupted her,” You would have what?”

Clearing her throat Ryleigh replied, “Why should I tell you?” Louis did not say anything in return. When
he saw that the IV drip in the bottle was almost finished, he pushed the service bell

The nurse came in. She pulled the needle out of the back of his hand and said to him gently, “Sir, you
have to get an anti-inflammatory injection tomorrow and the day after.”

He nodded.

The nurse then left with the bottle.

Ryleigh clicked her tongue and said, “This nurse is so good to you. If she could do the same to me, I
would have no problem getting a few more days of shots.”

After all, she had suffered a lot because of the nurse.

Louis looked at her and asked, “Do you

want to know why?

She was stunned. “Know what?”

He beckoned to her with a straight face.” Come over here, and I’ll tell you.”

Although Ryleigh was skeptical about him, she still walked toward him.

Louis pulled her, causing her to lose her balance, and she fell on him.

Both of them fell onto the bed. Ryleigh was undoubtedly the one lying on top, and her lips inadvertently
kissed his chin.

She was stunned, and just like a malfunctioned robot, her brain went blank.

Louis chuckled deeply, and his voice rang out above her. “See? I knew you wanted to take advantage
of me.”

“You!” Ryleigh jerked her head up, and she felt as if a bolt of lightning had coursed through her body
when her lips accidentally touched his.

Louis lowered his head and fixed his gaze on her lips. As if compelled by a mysterious force, he put his
hand on the back of her neck and planted a kiss on her lips.

Ryleigh’s eyes widened in shock when she realized what Louis was doing, and she even had forgotten
to take her breath.

“Louis, 1-Larissa came in and was taken aback by the scene before her eyes.

After Ryleigh came around to her senses, she pushed Louis away and stormed out of the ward. Larissa
looked at her fleeing figure before turning back to her son, who sat expressionlessly on the bed. She
asked,” Did you make it?”

Louis shrugged.

The coast was brightly lit. A group of people was having a party around a bonfire on the beach of
Winston Island to welcome the Autumn Bonfire Festival.

There was an unlimited supply of beers, seafood, and barbequed food.

Wearing their masks, Maisie and Nolan were walking across the crowd. She grabbed Nolan’s hand and
said, “There’s food over there. I’ll go and check it out!”

She let go of his hand and ran toward the direction she was pointing at just now.

Nolan shook his head helplessly and said,” Watch your step!”

He had never once looked away from Maisie. After all, there were a lot of people here, and he did not
want anything bad to happen. Maisie stood in front of the stall and ordered every food in front of her. It
seemed like she was enjoying herself very much.

Helios was wearing a mask as well and was accompanied by his assistant. He recognized Nolan in a
single glance.

He picked up a can of beer and walked toward Nolan. “I thought you didn’t like this kind of occasion.”

Nolan took over the can of beer and replied, “But my wife likes it.”

Helios laughed. “There will be a lot more people tonight. You’d better keep an eye on your wife.”

“I’d do so even without your-” Nolan looked toward Maisie and was stunned. He put the can of beer
down and walked into the crowd.

Nina asked, “What is Mr. Goldmann doing?”

Helios squinted his eyes and put the halfempty can of beer on the table. “Go help him.”

Nolan came to the stall and asked the owner about Maisie. However, the stall owner said he did not
know about her.

Nolan looked around anxiously. There were a lot of people on the beach, but Maisie was nowhere to be

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