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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 750

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Chapter 750

Nolan looked wild and seductive at the moment. His body attracted her gaze like a magnet, making her
not know where to look.

Nolan carried Maisie back to the room.

Maisie was leaning languidly against his chest in his arms, her wet hair was stuck against her neck,
and the hue on her face made her look extremely enchanting.

As soon as he placed her down on the couch, Maisie pushed him away with her feet, climbed to the
side, and lay down.

Nolan went into the bathroom, grabbed a towel, sat down on the edge of the couch, and started drying
her hair for her with a hoarse chuckle. “You’re furious again.”

Maisie groaned and ignored him.

He patiently wiped Maisie’s hair for her. ” Who told you to make a fool out of me?”

Maisie turned around, propped her chin on her hands, and glared at him. “Then are you saying that it’s
my fault?”

He chuckled. “No.”

While Nolan stroked her half-dry black hair, Maisie lay on his thigh and laughed. “Your hair feels so

She lifted her eyelids and glanced at him. “You said that before.” He picked up a tiny bundle of her hair
and kissed it. “Oh really? It seems that even though I can’t remember saying so, it’s still imprinted in my



“Yeah.” He looked down at her, and Maisie stared at him for a moment. “You haven’t answered my
question yet.”

“What’s the question?”

Maisie sat up and stared fixedly at him.” Why do you hate Helios so much?”

Nolan looked away, but Maisie pushed his cheek, forcing him to look at her. “Don’t you dodge the
question again.”

He narrowed his eyes and grabbed the back of her hand. “Why do you ask about him?”

“Because I’m curious.” Maisie sat on top of him as if she was afraid that he would run away. “You’ll
continue to sleep on the couch tonight if you don’t answer me.”

Nolan hesitated.

Maisie grabbed the hem of his collar. You’d rather sleep on the couch than beside me?” “No.” His
eyelids drooped, looking a little awkward. “I have nothing to say to that guy.”

Maisie was amused. “Is it very embarrassing for you to say? Or is it because you were bullied by him
when you were a child, and you

cried out of rage back then?”

Nolan was at a loss for words.

She stopped kissing his lips for a while.” Just say it!”

This little imp!’

Nolan picked her up. “Let’s talk about it in another place.”

He then carried her and walked toward the bedroom.

Two days later…

The news of Helios’s trip to Winston Island had been spread on the Internet thanks to his fans. He was
indeed a famous actor, so famous that even a trip that he went on could secure him a place on Google
Trends’ top ten trending list.

Of course, Nolan had also been captured in the same photo as Helios on Winston Island.

The netizens started joking around in the comment section.

#Hels can’t be found in the same photo as another woman. But these two do exude a strong coupling
sense. Am I blind or what?#


#I’ll de dämned, I hope that my idol will become a couple with Mr. Goldmann. Their

looks together could kill!# #Looking for pictures that have Mr. Goldmann and Hels in them!!!#

Even fans of Helios specially created a couple-stan group on Facebook known as ” HeliosxNolan” for
the two of them, which attracted 6 0,000 fans in just a few hours, and it was still increasing. Nina had
received several calls from the company since the morning

Helios’ trip to Winston Island was private, s o no one other than his manager, Morgan, knew about it.

Because of that, the company had rejected a lot of job opportunities on his behalf. Now that Helios had
been exposed, the company’s official phone number was about to explode from all the incoming calls.
Hearing the doorbell ring, Nina went to open the door and saw Maisie standing outside the room. “Mrs.

“May I come in?” “Of course.” Nina moved aside and closed the door after Maisie entered.

Nina then asked her, “Would you like to drink something?”

Maisie walked to the couch and sat down.” No, I came to you just because of the articles and posts that
are trending on Twitter and Facebook.”

Nina froze.

‘Now that all the trending posts on Twitter and Facebook are talking about Helios and Mr. Goldmann,
what does Mrs. Goldmann think?’

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