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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 755

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Chapter 755

Louis put his hand on her shoulder, “Not confident with yourself?”

Ryleigh pushed him away gently, “I can’t…”

The old man walked over. “Do you want to try playing?”

Ryleigh was shocked, then waved her hand. “Sir, I…”

The man laughed generously. “It’s alright, just try. I won’t say anything even if it’s not great.”

Louis gave her a push. She looked back at him before taking the viola.

She hadn’t touched any musical instrument for many years, and when she held it, she had an
astounding feeling. It was a familiar feeling.

Ryleigh stood where he stood, and the people taking a walk in the park looked toward them.

Ryleigh calmed herself and started playing. Maybe because she was too nervous, it made a sharp

She froze while her hand shook.

The man patiently guided her, “It’s alright, don’t be nervous. Think of it as a practice.”

Ryleigh let go of her thoughts after the man’s consolation.

The sound of the viola floated around in the park.

A lot of eyes were on them, and people started surrounding them. The man closed his eyes and
enjoyed the song with a smile.

Louis, leaning against the tree, had his eyes fixed on Ryleigh as though he went back to when he had
heard her play for the first time, enjoying her unique charm that only came out on stage.

After the song ended, Ryleigh returned to reality because of the drowning applause, and she looked at
them in shock.

The man was very happy and nodded. “You play better than me.” Ryleigh handed the viola back to him
and smiled. “No, you’re too kind.”.

The man asked, “What was that song called?”

“Oh, it was a song I wrote.”

The man’s eyes shone as he looked at her.’ You write songs too?”

Ryleigh chuckled. “I used to, but not


He waved his hand. “You’re too humble.” Something came to his mind, and he suddenly took out a
name card and gave it to her. “Come see me if you’re interested.”

The old man left with his viola. Ryleigh looked at the name card and was shocked. ‘Royal Academy of
Music, Vice President, Charles Nixon.’ Anyone who had been in the music scene would know Charles
Nixon. He was the father of classical music, one of the top.

When she was in the orchestra at the University of Northway, her lecturers would say that Mr. Nixon
had tried hard to keep the orchestra department.

He had been a student of the orchestra department, but the school was focusing more on solo piano
and violin performances. The orchestra wasn’t appreciated at all.

The board of directors had voted to remove the orchestra department from their academy and place
their focus on mainstream western instruments instead of the less preferable ones, like the viola.

Charles had to run around, begging and bringing the orchestra students together for a protest to prove
that the orchestra was not worse than mainstream western instruments, which finally made the
academy change its mind. As for the orchestra students who were currently studying in the Royal
Academy of Music, they usually called Charles ‘Father of Orchestra’.

For the past few decades, he had written quite a number of orchestra arrangements that were
considered classics and were

even used as movie soundtracks. They were all arranged by Charles.

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