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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 759

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Chapter 759

Suddenly, the bell rang.

Nolan got up and went to the living room. He opened up the door, and Nina was standing outside. She
seemed rather flustered as she asked, “Mr. Goldmann, can … Can you get hold of Helios? I can’t reach
him ever since he went out today.”

Nolan squinted his eyes and asked, “When did he go out?”

Nina’s face was pale as she replied, “About 9:00 a m. He said he had to go out and drove off on his
own. I called him, but the call never got through.”

“You can’t get hold of Helios?” A voice rang out.

It was Maisie. She came out of the room when she heard the conversation between

Nina and Nolan.

Nina nodded flusteredly. “Yeah. I’m worried … I’m worried that he might go to look for those people.
After all, we’re on Winston Island, and Helios hasn’t come back yet after going out.”

Nolan tried to call Helios, but it showed that his phone was turned off.

Frowning, he asked, “That guy, he can’t be serious, right?”

Maisie’s face sank slightly. “Has it something to do with the investment?

Helios didn’t go to look for them, did he?”

Nina covered her mouth and exclaimed, “What? Doesn’t this mean that he’s in a dangerous situation
right now?”

If something really happened to Helios, how was she going to explain it to Morgan?

Nolan turned around to get his jacket and car key. “I’ll go look for him.”

“I’ll come with you,” Maisie said as she tugged at his arm.

Nolan stopped in his tracks, turned around, and grabbed her into his arms. He planted a deep kiss on
the top of her head and said, “Wait for me in the hotel.”

After that, Nolan went out without turning his head. Nina leaned against the wall and bent down to
cover her face.

“This is all my fault. I shouldn’t let Helios go out alone. I should’ve thought about this earlier…”

Maisie helped her to her feet and said,” Now isn’t the right time for self-blaming. I have an idea, so do
as I say.”

Nolan rushed toward the place they had been yesterday in his car. The door of the building was tightly
closed, with the word “Closed for Business today” on it.

He called Quincy and ordered, “Quincy, help me check the location of a phone number. I want to know
his whereabouts in three minutes.

After that, he sent the phone number to Quincy.

Three minutes later, Quincy called him back. “Mr. Goldmann, isn’t Mr. Boucher with you on Winston
Island? Why do you still need to find out where he is?”

“He might’ve run into a little trouble,” Nolan replied as he put on the Bluetooth earphone.

The location on the screen showed that Helios was inside the building.

He frowned and said, “Seems like we have to spend some money to get through this today”

Quincy seemed to have noticed something and asked, “Mr. Goldmann, is everything alright over
there?” Nolan stared at the security camera in the corner without saying anything. The light on top of it
showed that it was working. The roller shutter rose automatically, and the light inside flooded out. Four
strong men with tattooed arms stepped out and surrounded Nolan.

Nolan narrowed his eyes slightly.

A middle-aged man bowed at him and smiled. “We’re sorry for the lack of hospitality for your personal

Nolan smiled at him back and said, “Then, I’d say you have quite a special way of entertaining your
distinguished guests.” After that, he looked at the smiling middle-aged man and asked, “I’m here to look
for my friend He’s with you guys, right?”

The middle-aged man patted Nolan’s shoulders and replied, “Don’t worry.

Lilalue עטו

Quintin is a reasonable person. He knows you guys are not ordinary people, so he just wants to talk to
you. Your friend is safe now”

After he finished speaking, he gestured at the few strong men with his eyes. It seemed to Nolan that
they wanted him to follow them into the building, and he did so.

On the fifth floor of the office building was a private pool. The man sitting in the pool had a green
anaconda tattooed on his chest. Two sexy women dressed in revealing clothes sat on both his right

and left sides. They were leaning on his arms, lighting cigarettes for him, and feeding

him alcohol.

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