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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 761

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Chapter 761

$15,000,000 was very tempting.

Who would not be tempted by that amount of money?

Quintin did all this for the money. He might have lost $7,500,000 in the process, but getting
$15,000,000 in return made everything worthwhile.

Nolan took out his cell phone, contacted Quincy, and got him to inform the bank to prepare
$15,000,000 in cash.

Quincy knew that something must have happened to Nolan, so he dispatched some men to Winston
Island while getting the bank to prepare the money.

Quintin was by Nolan’s side while he was on the phone. Seeing that he did not play

any tricks, he said with a smirk, “You’re prepared to give out $15,000,000 like it’s nothing. You’re really
something, aren’t you? By the way. I haven’t asked you for your name.”

Nolan smiled. “I’m from Bassburgh, and I own a company in Bassburgh. You can call me Mr. Yates.”.

“So it’s Mr. Yates then. I’m sorry for my

lack of manners.” Quintin turned his head to the middle-aged man and said, “Why are you still standing
here? Go and pour Mr. Yates a cup of tea!”

The middle-aged man returned to his senses and hurriedly poured a cup of tea for Nolan.

Helios whispered, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You actually plan to pay these people
$15,000,000? Have you lost your mind

Nolan gave him a pregnant gaze. “You’ll find out later.”

The bank on Winston Island received a call telling them to immediately prepare $ 15,000,000 as a
ransom for a person with a special status. Because it was a big withdrawal, the bank took it very
seriously. Not to mention that the word “ransom” was mentioned, it was obvious that someone had
been kidnapped. Thus, the bank director had reported the matter to the local police vigilantly after
receiving the call.

Since the ransom was $15,000,000, it was only natural for the person who could give out that amount
of money not to be an ordinary man. It happened that Maisie had gone to the police station before that
and reported that someone had kidnapped and blackmailed her husband.

The two incidents clicked instantly, so the police took the file that contained the information provided by
Maisie and looked into the details of the case. They then realized that her husband’s name was exactly
the same as the name of the person who had gotten the bank to prepare the $ 15,000,000 ransom.

The police contacted Maisie immediately.

Maisie seemed to have waited for this call on purpose and reported the situation pitifully on the phone.

A few days ago, it was said in the news that Mr. Goldmann of Bassburgh had gone to Winston Island to
learn about a project that he was about to invest in, which made everything she said consistent with
what they knew.

Winston Island was just an island-the

developers would be able to suppress any news if it was not an event that was serious enough to stir
up a commotion.

Unfortunately, this incident happened to have gotten into the ears of the developers

The person who had brought the incident 1 o the developers was Helios’ assistant, Nina. As such, no
matter how much the developers wanted to turn a blind eye to this issue, someone had provoked a
person who was out of their league, caused a calamity, and offended a big gun from Bassburgh.

The developers could no longer sit idly as soon as they found out that their future interests could be
embroiled in this incident and get sabotaged.

Thus, they sent their men out there to investigate the situation and found out that Quintin, the local mob
boss of Winston

Island, was the one who was behind the crime.

The developer’s men were aware of what Quintin had done, but Quintin was a rather powerful person
on Winston Island. He could bring them benefits too, so they usually ignored whatever he had done.

But now that things had gotten a little out of control, the developers did not dare to fool around

If this were to hit the media and anger the public, it would affect their business on Winston Island.



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The people inside were still unaware of what was happening outside. Quintin saw that nothing had
happened after waiting for more than an hour and glared at Nolan.” Mr. Yates, are you playing with us
again? It’s been an hour and a half. Where’s the money?”

Nolan was sitting on the couch. He crossed his legs and changed his posture, leaning languidly on the
back of the couch. “As far as know, Winston Island only has one InTime Bank, and I asked for a
$15,000,000 withdrawal. Don’t the employees need some time to prepare the money?”

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