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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 763

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Chapter 763

The police broke in through the door at this moment, and those who reacted to it fled, while those who
got shot fell to the ground and were subdued. The scene was chaotic for a couple of minutes.

Quintin was pressed against the ground, detained, and then taken away in handcuffs by two police

Nolan’s vision turned blurry, and he vaguely heard someone shouting at him.

‘It sounds like Helios, and…’

“Nolan!” Maisie burst into tears, knelt beside him, and hugged him in her arms as warm tears dripped
onto his blood-stained cheeks.

Nolan saw Maisie, who was weeping before his eyes, and moved his lips before completely losing

Nolan was carried onto the ambulance and taken to the hospital. Maisie was always by his side,
grabbing onto his hand, which was getting colder and colder.

The doctor put a mask onto Nolan’s face to supply him with oxygen and performed cardiopulmonary
resuscitation on him.

Upon arriving at the hospital, a group of hospital staff members rushed to the front to make way for the
stretcher. “Please make way!”

Maisie was stopped at the door, while Nina and Helios arrived minutes later.

Although Helios was also injured, his condition was not as severe as Nolan’s. He looked pallid as he
witnessed Nolan being pushed into the emergency room.

Nina walked over to Maisie’s side and lent her her shoulder, and Maisie buried her face in her shoulder
and started crying and trembling. She recalled the incident that had taken place three years ago, where
Nolan had taken a bullet for her and had been sent into an emergency room too.

She was terrified.

Quincy arrived at Winston Island General Hospital with a group of bodyguards and looked at them.
“Where’s Mr. Goldmann?”

Helios sat on the bench and leaned forward, propping his elbows against his thighs. “He’s inside.”
Quincy was stunned and stared at the emergency room door without saying a word. Helios clasped his
hands together with a distressed expression. “I’m sorry, I’m the one who got him involved.” Quincy lifted
his arm and placed his hand on Helios’s shoulder-a silent comfort could be considered the most
appropriate console at this moment.

The police came over, asking for more information regarding the incident, and Nina took them aside
and cooperated with the investigation.

The door to the emergency room opened, and the doctor removed his mask as he walked out of the

Maisie rushed up to the doctor and asked with a dry voice, “How is he?”

The doctor glanced at her. “He’s no longer in a critical state, but…”

The pause in the sentence made Maisie clench her hands tightly.

The doctor then continued. “Even though he’s no longer in a critical state, the injury that he’s suffered is
a blunt force trauma to the head . It’ll be a little troublesome if he still can’t regain consciousness soon.”

She got what he meant implicitly. Nolan would most likely end up in a coma if he still could not wake up
at that time. It could be even worse as he would suffer from brain death and end up in a vegetative
state. Maisie’s face turned pale. Her strength was escaping from her body like a butterfly eclosing from
the chrysalis, and her expression looked tense.

They had not brought any bodyguards when they went to Winston Island because no one thought they
would encounter such an unexpected and dangerous situation. She originally thought that she could
buy some time for Nolan and try to get help, that was why she had gotten Nina to bring the issue to the
developers of Winston Island.

The developers had once hired Helios to endorse their hot spring hotel, so they surely knew Nina. With
that, they would definitely realize that the situation was serious. And based on the influence that Helios
possessed in the entertainment industry, anything that happened to him would definitely affect their
business on Winston Island. That was why Maisie dared to bet that they would not just sit back and
watch while Helios was in danger.

Maisie also had faith in Nolan that he would not sit still and do nothing as Quintin held them captive. He
would definitely find a way to buy her some time.

She had been careless and had neglected the possibility of things going south.

Maisie had been under the impression those people were only doing so for the money and believed
they would not dare to kill anyone in the process.

They had managed to arrive, but they were too late. Seeing Nolan being so badly injured and what
those people had done to him, everything in front of her eyes was dimmed and blurry.

Maisie walked into the ward. She was only a few feet away from him, but every single step that she
took felt like she was climbing up a mountain with weights tied to her feet.

She then stopped by the bed and stared at him. “Nolan…”

Tears streamed down her cheeks and gathered at the corners of her lips. “You lied to me again.”

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