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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 766

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Chapter 766

Before Maisie could do anything, Nolan’s thumb lightly touched her finger.

Ryleigh laughed, and her shoulders shook.” I didn’t lie. Mr. Goldmann is conscious!”

Maisie got up, sat on the edge of the bed, and bent down to look at him. She put his hand to her face
and cried happy tears.” Nolan, you can feel this, right? You can hear me too?”

But after a long time, Nolan didn’t respond, nor did he wake up.

Still, it was good enough that he was conscious.

Nighttime, at the club…

Francisco carried Helios out of the room. Helios had drunk quite a lot and was drunk.

“Hels, you’re not drinking, you’re just buying alcohol.” He helped Helios put on shades and a cap, then
checked his pockets and noticed something. “I dropped my wallet. Wait for me here, don’t go

Helios leaned on the wall, bent down, and put his hands on his knees. He needed to throw up, but
nothing was coming out.

He stood up straight and gulped down some warm water before sitting on the couch.

He took off his cap, ran his fingers through his hair, and then pushed it aside. His sharp features were
extra attractive under the dim blue light, even with shades on.

A woman in black lace walked over with a wine glass, sat next to him, and suddenly got close. “Hey
handsome, why are you sitting here alone?”

Helios looked at her briefly but ignored her.

She touched his face and turned it back toward her, her long legs bumping on his calf. Her red lips got
close and blew at him. “Are you interested in a game?”

Helios grabbed her wrist and moved her hand away from his face. “Not interested,”

“It’s nighttime. Why are you wearing,” The woman wanted to take off his shades, but Helios
immediately stopped her by pushing her away, and he stood up. “Stop.”

He was going to leave when the woman called for people to grab him. She put down her glass and
walked toward him. “Do you know where this is? This is the Glitz Club, my turf.”

The woman walked to his front and

grabbed his chin. “I’m interested in you.” She moved her hand toward his shades.

A woman’s voice came from behind a few men. “He’s not someone that a woman like you can touch.”

The woman turned around and saw a woman wearing a turtle-neck sweater walking over. She was
wearing brand clothes from head to toe, but it was subtle because she wasn’t wearing any jewelry.

The four men behind her were her bodyguards, so she must have been somebody.

The woman in lace was surprised. This was Glitz, so she wasn’t afraid. “Who are you? Outsiders have
no right to interrupt.”

Barbara crossed her arms. “Even the owner of this place respects me, so what are you going to do if I
want to interrupt you?”

The woman didn’t really believe her.

At that moment, the club manager rushed over, saw Barbara, and smiled. “I’m sorry, Ms. Chase. Meg
was just joking. She’s drunk.”

The manager walked next to Meg and said,” This is Ms. Chase, the boss’ guest.”

The manager whispered something into her ears, and her expression changed.

Meg smiled. “Ms. Chase. I was just joking. If you know him, it’s not fun anymore.”

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