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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 768

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Chapter 768

The car parked nearby hadn’t driven away. Helios watched the scene unfold and felt complicated.

He was really too careless.

Francisco asked, “Hels, are we leaving?”

He looked back and rubbed between his brows. “Let’s go home.”

One week later, at Soul Jewelry…

“Uncle Kennedy, why don’t you rest a little longer?” Maisie saw that he was already in his office and
was worried about his injury.

Kennedy raised his arm and smiled. “It’s almost back to normal now. It’s fine, don’t worry.”

Maisie walked out of the elevator with him when Kennedy asked her about what had happened with
them on Winston Island.

The media knew what had happened there because it was so shocking, but the fact that Helios and
Nolan had almost died wasn’t known.

The Bouchers and Goldmanns hadn’t announced it but rather settled it in private because there would
only be problems if it was announced.

She looked down and smiled, “We were just there for a vacation. The investment was made up to
cover for Mr. Boucher.”

Kennedy nodded. “Winston Island is a little chaotic. It’s great that you didn’t get involved.”

Maisie smiled and didn’t reply.

In the afternoon, Ryleigh went to see her because she wanted Maisie to get some work clothes with

Maisie was surprised. “You’re going to work?”

Ryleigh scratched her cheek and smiled. “I have a chance to interview at the Royal Academy of Music.”

She covered her face after that. “I am not ready. I’m afraid I might not be able to perform.”

Maisie chortled, got up, walked to her, and put her hand on her shoulder. “Let’s go get some clothes.
It’s not every day that my Ryleigh gets to join the Royal Music Academy.’ Ryleigh leaned on her
shoulder. “I know you’re the best.” They got to the mall and shopped through three of four floors of
fashion stores.

Ryleigh never had to put on office clothes, so she didn’t know what to pick. Maisie helped her the entire

Maisie picked a few, but they didn’t look suitable. If it were an interview in a corporation, it might work,
but Ryleigh was going to interview as a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music. The outfits would look
too boring.

Ryleigh whispered in her ear, “Aren’t these a little too old?”

Maisie turned and looked at her. “They would it you wore them.”

Ryleigh pouted.

Maisie stared at her for a long time before looking down at herself and shrugging, “What’s wrong?” She
touched her chin. “You’re going for an interview at a music academy. You probably can wear something

that fits your job and still looks interesting.”

Ryleigh was suspicious.

Maisie drove her somewhere near Antique Street to a tailor.

She opened the door, and the dresses on display were in all designs and colors, and each one
presented a different unique elegance. Ryleigh was stunned. She looked around the shop at the
dresses on display. “My gosh, isn’t this too formal?” The shopkeeper walked over and enthusiastically
asked, “Welcome. Are you here to get a dress? We can customize any design that you like based on
your measurements and height.” Maisie pushed Ryleigh forward. “Please pick a suitable one for her.”
The shopkeeper smiled. “Alright, please follow me.” Ryleigh followed her. The shopkeeper showed her
a few designs and let her try them on. She went into the fitting room with the few chosen dresses in her

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