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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 771

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Chapter 771

During the third time, Helios had taken the initiative to look for her at Soul Jewelry with the excuse of
renting jewelry for a cooperation. His only goal had been to make Nolan feel stressed, and he indeed
had reached his purpose in the end.

Then, his cousin told him through the phone that a pit viper had bitten a woman named Maisie and
asked him to bring Professor Leonhardt to the training camp.

When he arrived at the training camp, he knew for certain that Nolan was serious about the relationship
between him and Maisie after seeing how worried he was.

However, when Nolan was infected with the virus, he had refused to tell anyone about his infection and
insisted on getting a divorce from Maisie. Helios knew that Nolan just did not want Maisie to become
heartbroken. He still loved her from the bottom of her heart.

After all, Nolan was not someone who would give up halfway on anything once he felt it was the right
way. However, when he had to give up, he must have his reasons to do so.

After Maisie’s accident, Helios could see how regretful Nolan was in his decision.

Although Nolan seemed like he did not care about Maisie during those three years, he had still secretly
sent someone to look for her.

Ryleigh had known that Maisie was in Morwich, but she had not told anyone about it. It was him. He
was the one who had sent the message to Nolan in secret, making them all think that it had leaked out
from Ryleigh.

Unfortunately, even though Nolan had gone to Morwich, he still couldn’t bring himself to see her.

After being infected with the virus, he had been terribly sick, yet he still tormented himself. Everyone,
including Helios himself, could see how much he wanted to go and see her.

Therefore, Helios had decided to do him a favor. He had bribed someone from the Hanns Palace in
Morwich to get him a photo of “Alice “. He had not been afraid of getting busted. After all, even if it did
happen, if “Alice” were really Maisie, at least she would think it was Nolan’s men who were looking for

He had done everything he could in his power to help them, and it would have depended on them
whether or not they would reconcile.

When Helios came out of the hospital, he bumped into Quincy, Daisie, and Colton

Daisie greeted him with a smile, “Godfather Helios, are you here to visit Daddy as well?’

Helios rubbed her hair and smiled faintly.’ Yeah.”

Daisie looked at him with her head lifted and asked, “So has Daddy woken up yet?’

Helios was stunned. Then, he heard Daisie continue saying, “Grandpa said that Daddy has been
sleeping for a long time. When is he going to wake up? This is the first time I see someone who can
sleep for so long.’

A hint of pain crossed Helios’s eyes as he looked at Daisie s innocent face. He didn’t know how to
answer her.

He felt guilty and did not know how he

should face these kids right now. After all, he was the one who had pulled Nolan into this mess.

Quincy could see Helios was troubled, so he came to relieve the situation.

“Daisie, your father is too tired, so he’ll sleep for a little longer. Don’t worry. He’ll wake up in another few

Daisie believed in Quincy, but Colton crossed his arms in front of his chest and fell into thought.

Ryleigh came to the Royal Academy of Music for an interview. She brought Maisie as well since she
was nervous.

Maisie did not reject her and came with her.

Even though Ryleigh felt it was bad for hert

o do this, she did not want Maisie to be overwhelmed by the sadness in the hospital or in the company.
Therefore, she figured that she should divert her attention.

“Zee, why don’t you go up with me? I’m scared,” Ryleigh said after she stopped in front of the interview
building. Honestly speaking, she was really nervous and scared.

Maisie laughed helplessly and said, “Even if I go up with you, you have to go into the interview by

Ryleigh pouted and said, “That’s different. I feel more secure when you’re staying outside.”

Maisie went into the building with Ryleigh. Several people were waiting outside of the interview room.

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