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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 777

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Chapter 777

Maisie got out of the car, stood in the yard, and realized that weeds had been growing all over the
flower beds in the courtyard.

The door lock had fingerprint access set on it. She stepped into the living room after unlocking the door
with her fingerprint. All the furniture was covered with a dustproof cloth, and the walls and chandeliers
all looked brand new.

Nolan’s phone call came through at this time, and she picked it up. “You seem very free, huh, Mr.

“Where are you?”

Maisie opened the French window’s sash.” Take a guess.”

Nolan smirked as he stepped into the courtyard. “Do you really want me to guess?”

Maisie stood in the backyard, staring at the seascape in the distance. “You’re so smart. You should be
able to guess it.”

He snorted.

Maisie was astonished when she heard the physical footsteps that came through the call, and they
were very clear.

A silhouette overshadowed her head silently, and a slender, tall figure of a man was reflected in the

The next second, a familiar Gucci cologne permeated her nostrils-it smelled gentle and faint. “Will I win
a prize if I guess it correctly?” Maisie turned around instantly, and Nolan was standing right in front of
her, speaking on the phone and glancing downward at her.

She put the phone down and was stunned for three seconds. “Are you following me?”

Nolan rested his fingertips on her chest.” This is known as the consonance that we share.”

She stopped him and raised her eyebrows.” I don’t believe in your nonsense.”

She then turned around and walked away.

Nolan squinted slightly and froze in place for a moment. After recovering from the trance, he walked
into the house and watched as she removed all the dustproof cloth. “Someone wanted to buy this villa
three years ago.” Maisie’s action paused for a split second. His lips move slightly. “I couldn’t make up
my mind to sell it.” She chuckled. “Why?”

Nolan stopped in front of her, looking indifferent yet gentle, and put on a solemn yet smiling expression.
“Because this villa contains the memories that we share.”

Maisie frowned slightly.

‘Why does this sound a little wrong?’ Nolan leaned over and approached her as a fiery glow sparked in
his deep amber pupils. “The living room, the rooms upstairs, and the kitchen, we share quite a number
of pleasant memories in these areas. I often stayed here for a long time when you were not here,
thinking about them…”

Maisie quickly raised her hand to cover his mouth, preventing him from speaking, while her cheeks
became extremely warm. “You… You ‘ve just regained your memories, and all you think about are such
filthy things!?”

Nolan kissed her palm and had his eyes fixed on her. “Weren’t I thinking about the exact same things
when I was amnesiac?”

Nolan grasped Maisie’s withdrawn hand, took her into his arms, and kissed her temples. “Did you lure
me here because you plan to relive those moments with me?”

“I didn’t lure you here…”

‘Sure enough, I’m being led by the nose again as soon as this fella regained his memories!’

Nolan placed her on the couch and leaned toward her, and all she could do was lean backward.

He kissed her lips and guided her hands to unbutton his shirt while doing the same to her until they
were both butt naked.

The blurry figures reflected in the windowpane rocked, and Maisie could not even speak throughout the
whole process.

Her consciousness was trapped in turmoil and was overwhelmed by his scorching lust. It felt like she
had relived all those moments from three years ago in a trance.

The people partying in Glitz Club were indulging themselves in revelry and debauchery. The lights
flashing in the club were mainly blue. The dancers on the stage performed with everything they had.
They twisted their hips and looked seductive and captivating. The guests under the stage drank and
enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

Katrina was in a private room, drinking with her guests and attending to their needs. She snuggled in
the arms of a rich man and drank anything that was handed to her in wine glasses. With less than half
of the liquor left in the glass, she wrapped her arms coquettishly around the man’s arm and said, “Mr.
Zhivkov, I’m not very good with drinking. You’ll have to take up the responsibility of taking care of me if I

get drunk in your arms.” Mr. Zhivkov liked her charm and delicacy very much. He was fascinated by her
and placed his arms around her waist. “I’ll be more than happy to take care of you if you can get drunk
in my arms.”

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