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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 776

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Chapter 776

In the ward…

Maisie leaned against the wall and looked at Nolan, who was reading a book with the kids.

Daisie mentioned that Helios had come to visit her father a few days ago, and Nolan only responded
with a faint smile.

Judging from Nolan’s demeanor, which felt the same as back then when he reacted to Daisie’s
comment about Helios, Maisie knew that Nolan had regained his memory.

The two children still had to go to school, s o Nicholas came back to pick them up and told Nolan to
rest well

The two children bade their father goodbye and left with Nicholas. Maisie was also about to leave the
ward too when Nolan stopped her.

She stood still behind the door.

Noticing that the figure behind her was approaching, she did not turn around but only withdrew her
hand that was already holding onto the doorknob.

Nolan hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. “Are you still angry?”

Maisie did not say anything.

He then pecked her ear with his warm lips. “I won’t lie to you again.” Nolan turned her around, made
her face him, and rubbed her neck with his rough palm. “I won’t make you worry about me anymore in
the future.”

Maisie looked up at him. “Do all these promises of yours count?”

He glanced down at her. “Yes.”

Maisie turned her face away. “Then I’ll trust you for once. You should have a good rest now.” Nolan
chuckled. “Aren’t you going to stay back and accompany me?” She sounded exasperated. “You can get
off your bed and even walk around now, so why should I stay back to accompany you?

I won’t do so.”

A glimmer of amusement flashed across his eyes as he said in a low voice, “My wife sounds so
coquettish when she’s throwing a tantrum.”

Maisie was stunned for a split second.

After spending such a long time with

Nolan, who had lost his memory, even she had become a childish person.

When she returned to her senses, her feet had already left the ground and were dangling in midair. She
had been picked up horizontally. Nolan placed her on the bed, lay beside her immediately, and hugged
her. “I remember everything.”

Maisie was trapped in his arms, and his breath and body temperature enveloped her fully. She closed
her eyelids and pursed her lips.” What do you remember?”

“Everything before and after my memory loss,” he responded.

Maisie was stunned for a long time, then smiled all of a sudden. “Do you remember all the stupid things
that you did?” Nolan kissed her

forehead and stroked the black hair behind her head. “Yeah, I remember everything.”

Maisie did not speak.

The two only hugged each other on the bed, feeling delighted to reunite with each other after the brief
coma, and did nothing else.

Nolan returned to the Blackgold Group.

Because of the change in his presence and attitude, the employees were amazed that the former Mr.
Goldmann seemed to have returned.

Nolan saw Helios sitting on the couch, waiting for him when he stepped into his office, and the two
exchanged gazes.

Quincy stopped outside the door and closed it.

Nolan walked up to the couch, sat down, and leaned back against the back of the couch.

Helios looked at him and initiated the conversation. “Have you regained your memories?”

Nolan crossed his legs. “Daisie told me that you came to the hospital to visit.”

Helios lowered his gaze and smiled. “I’d become a sinner if you were to die.”

Nolan clasped his hands, placed them on his knees, and said lightly. “I’m a stone. I won’t die that

“Since you’ve regained your memories and are doing fine,” Helios stood up slowly, “I should go back

Helios walked to the door, and that was when Nolan’s deep voice came from behind. “Eastwood
Enterprise has invested in an overseas investment project recently. You can try that out.”


Helios was taken aback and turned to look at him. “Are you trying to help me?” Nolan picked up the
empty cup on the table. “As for whether you want to go for it, that’s up to you.” Helios chuckled, opened
the door, and walked out of the office.

Nolan slid his fingertips across the mouth of the cup, and the corner of his lips twitched as he gave off a
silent smirk.

Maisie drove back to the Blue Bay villa.

Everything had never been so clear after the three-year gap.

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